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Bill Gates richer than 140 nations

The economic crisis may have wiped off $300 billion from the wealth of America’s richie-rich club, but the net worth of many members such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett is still sufficient to buy “almost anything” that includes many a country of the world.

Did India Inc thumb its nose at Bill Gates & Warren Buffett?

If India,s super-rich do not want to take the Gates-Buffett 'giving pledge', it does not mean they do not give.

Narendra Modi's tremendous reach on social media: How the PM plans to use it for better governance

Now, as policy takes precedence over politics Narendra Modi is stepping up the pace on social media.

Bill Gates told me that IIT is the place to look for talent: Warren Buffett

Buffett recalled a conversation he had with Bill Gates over attracting talent from India. "Gates told me to look at IIT to find talent," Buffett said.

Students on Indian campuses more inclined to drop out from college to start ventures

With Bill Gates, Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerberg to look up to as role models, many Indian students are now inclined to startups than complete graduation.

Bill Gates invites Indian scientists to team up with his foundation

"In developing countries, these diseases are the primary cause behind reduced life expectancy. We will stay focused on those things," he said.

Narayana Murthy stepping down is the right thing to do: V Balakrishnan

Vishal, with his pedigree, looks like the right person for this role, but the jury is still not out on whether he will be able to perform to his full potential, he says.

The long and successful journey of Bill Gates

His new role in the next 30 years is only likely to be more significant than the three decades he spent in the making of Microsoft. Build yourself as a brand on the web

Bill Gates surrendering Microsoft helm

A Harvard University dropout who ushered in the home computer age and made billions of dollars along the way will have his last official day of work at Microsoft on June 27.

Davos 2013: Human condition has improved faster than before, says Bill Gates

"Leave it alone... It's hard to argue with success because this success is measured in lives," Gates said.

Wipro's Azim Premji hires Amnesty India head to build organisation for offering grants to external agencies

So far, Premji has donated nearly 21% of his Wipro stake to a trust that funds education-focused philanthropic projects under the Azim Premji Foundation.

India should spend more on health: Bill Gates

"The Indian government must accelerate its progress toward its health spending targets, so that innovations benefit the poor people who really need them," he said.

Google needs competition and who but Microsoft: Bill Gates

Bill Gates pokes fun alright, but blends respect in thoughts on rival as the firm he co-founded braces for fight of its life. MS wants to be part of UID project | Microsoft

Helping world's poor is a good investment: Bill Gates

Bill Gates worries economic woes will force governments to cut foreign aid and hurt the poor worldwide.

Generational justice: Target poverty reduction than income inequality

The developed country angst about inequality stirred by Thomas Piketty’s book Capital in the Twenty-First Century is irrelevant for India.

Manipal University celebrates Rajeev Suri's appointment at Nokia

Both Nadella and Suri are graduates in Electronics and Communications at the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Manipal University.

If Heartbleed spells the end of passwords, what should replace them?

Bill Gates declared them ‘dead’ in 2004. But now seems to be the right time to kill them off.

Fight for Raebareli & Amethi: Sonia Gandhi and Smriti Irani portray the traditional Indian bahu

Sonia Gandhi does her regular gig in Raebareli, whilst Amethi awaits Smriti Irani who BJP reckons could spoil Rahul’s party.

Microsoft partners with Micromax to offer Windows 8.1 phones

The deal announced yesterday at Microsoft's BUILD conference in San Francisco, is expected to intensify competition in the smartphone and tablets space.

Satya Nadella unveils Office for iPad in mobile-app push

Microsoft Corp said its Office suite of applications, including the core Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs, will be available as an iPad app.

P Chidambaram tries two-for-one deal to sell son Karti's candidature

Finance Minister P Chidambaram has taken to the two-for-one way to sell his son, Karti Chidambaram's candidature on his maiden electoral outing.

Becoming Microsoft CEO was beyond wildest dreams: Satya Nadella

Becoming Microsoft CEO was beyond even the wildest dreams, said Satya Nadella, the India-born chief executive of Microsoft.

Forbes names Bill Gates 'Most Powerful Man in technology'

The founder of Microsoft, Gates has been named the 10th most powerful man in the world, ahead of the likes of Rupert Murdoch and Steve Jobs.

Microsoft helps support India's economic infrastructure: Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft

We are proud to be a large and vital part of the India growth story -- twenty of the top 20 companies in India use our technology, says Nadella.

I can build an institution different from Bill Gates: Shiv Nadar

Nadar feels that Indian billionaires are not playing their role in philanthrophy and can do more.

Nitish Kumar makes snide remark on Narendra Modi's tea campaign

In a snide remark over Modi's discussion over tea campaign, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today said it was rather "backbiting" over tea.

Life happens at the level of action to do something: Marko Saravanja

In an interview with CD, Saravanja talks about the increasing important of spiritual intelligence (SI) in the new economy.

What Satya Nadella's appointment as Microsoft CEO teaches us

Could an American or European be a future CEO of Infosys? As Indian cos try to succeed globally, they must be open to talent carrying different passports.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella asked to bring cloud hosting to India

Clients of Microsoft are delighted that an Indian is the new leader of the iconic company whose software products are ubiquitous across their organisations.

Under Satya Nadella, Microsoft needs to learn a language that speaks to consumer

As the third CEO of Microsoft after Gates and Ballmer, Nadella has the tall task of steering an iconic co that has meandered over the past years.

Satya Nadella becomes a rage in cyber world

Nadella swept the cyber world today with nearly half-a-billion search results thrown up even as he became toast of the social networking sites abuzz with news of him being named as Microsoft CEO.

Satya Nadella to get $1.2 million salary; total package at $18 million

Nadella would also be eligible for a cash bonus, which can range from zero to 300 per cent, resulting into total payout of up to $3.6 million.

I raised my hand for this job: Satya Nadella, Microsoft's new CEO

A 22-year old Microsoft veteran, 46-year-old Nadella was named the new CEO of the company, who will be supported by co-founder Bill Gates.

India Inc responds warmly to Satya Nadella's appointment as Microsoft CEO

For Microsoft to be led by a person of Indian origin, I think this is a day that we can all celebrate, said Narayana Murthy, Executive Chairman, Infosys.

Satya Nadella is a proven leader: Steve Ballmer

Nadella is a "proven leader" whose "strong technical skills and great business insights" will drive the world's leading technology company, says Microsoft's outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer about his successor.

We are hungry to do more: Satya Nadella tells Microsoft employees

Describing his rise to the top as "humbling", Microsoft's Hyderabad-born CEO Satya Nadella said technology industry respects only "innovation" and not tradition.

Satya Nadella's email to employees on first day as CEO

'As I step in as CEO, I’ve asked Bill to devote additional time to the company, focused on technology and products.'

Weekly roundup of the wackiest whispers and murmurs

ET's weekly roundup of the wackiest whispers and murmurs in corporate corridors & policy parlours.

Satya Nadella: ‘Mr Nice guy’ could finish first as Microsoft's next CEO

Everyone seems to love Nadella, seen as a humble, down-to-earth guy who is good at building relationships. But this ‘nice guy’ won’t have it easy.

Age of effluence: Many rural sanitation systems already fulfil Bill Gates’ conditions for ‘new’ toilets

Bill Gates is not the type of man to let his money be flushed down the toilet, hence the $370 mn that he is currently pumping into the design of a lavatory for the future will surely yield solid results.

Infosys’ Balakrishnan quits to join Exfinity bandwagon

Outgoing Infy director joins Mohandas Pai, Girish Paranjpe and others in the fund. The fund will invest in 15-17 startups across India.

Waren Buffett adds $37 million per day in his fortune in 2013

However, Buffett is not the wealthiest billionaire on the top 10 list prepared by Wealth-X.

Bill Gates bigger funder of WHO than US govt?

A look at GAVI's list of donor contributions and commitments shows that the Gates Foundation has given over $1.14 billion from 1999 to 2009, far more than the US, which contributed just $569 million during 2001-09.

Bill Gates meets Ramadoss, discusses polio eradication

Bill Gates met Union Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss and discussed the polio eradication programme in the country for which his foundation is a major donor.

ET Awards 2013: Curtains about to go up on India Inc's biggest corporate awards

ET adopted a democratic, participative and rigorous process to choose the best and the brightest of India Inc. Catch all the action!

Americans debate Amazon intent to deliver packages by drones

"Before drones start delivering packages, we need the FAA to deliver privacy protections for the American public," US Senator, Ed Markey, said.

Satya Nadella, India-born executive, among candidates to succeed Microsoft CEO

Nadella is Exec VP for Cloud and Enterprise at Microsoft and was a member of the tech staff at Sun Microsystems before joining Microsoft.

LK Advani lauds Harsh Vardhan for pulse polio campaign

Advani also quotes Microsoft founder Bill Gates who has praised Vardhan, a doctor by profession, for his achievement.

Chris Capossela: A Microsoft loyalist's survival kit includes smartphones, Windows 8 devices, Xbox One

Capossela is juggling several important projects from Win8 devices, to phones to Xbox One in his role as VP, consumer channels group.

Play-i, startup on programmable robots by IIT alumni raises million dollars

The robots, Bo and Yana, have managed to raise more than a million dollars, four times the original need, in the last four weeks, in a crowdfunding campaign by Play-i.

Ratan Tata's grace and wisdom moved me: Howard Schultz

"I could sit and listen to Ratan Tata for days on end. He has so much wisdom and insight not only about India but about the world," Howard Schultz said.

Wipro's Azim Premji tops philanthropy list with donation of Rs 8,000 crore

When it comes to philanthropy, there are a few Indians who really donate and the latest list is topped by Azim Premji of Wipro.

Bill Gates meets Indian top business heads including Azim Premji, Narayana Murthy, Ratan Tata

Microsoft founder Bill Gates today held talks about philanthropy and its impact on society with some of India's top businessmen.

Canadian hotel chain Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts to scale up in India

Canadian hotel chain Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts plans to scale up its presence in India to six luxury hotels by 2020, says a top company executive.

Carl Icahn vs Bill Gross: The charity brawl of billionaires

The Twitter fight between Carl Icahn and Pacific Investment Management Co’s Bill Gross has sunk to a new low.

How can ordinary people demonstrate extraordinary leadership

Consider how we could go about creating complex enterprises even if we aren't heroic leaders imbued with special traits like vision.

Pray, don't get it wrong

A fair boss will reward those who deserve it the most, and not, hopefully, those who are most boss-aligned, or who beseech the most.

Spain's recession over; cold comfort for jobless

Even Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates showed some faith in the country's future by buying a stake this week in a Spanish construction company.

Venture capital funding in smart grid sector at $65 mn in Q3, 2013: Report

Venture capital funding in smart grid sector stood at $65 million in 12 deals in the third quarter of 2013 ended September 30.

Venture capital funding in smart grid sector at $65 million in Q3, 2013: Report

Venture capital funding in smart grid sector stood at $ 65 million in 12 deals in the third quarter of 2013 ended September 30.

Bill & Melinda reach out to nondescript Bihar village

It’s unusual to find Bihar in the itinerary of the founder of Microsoft Corporation. But when Bill Gates arrived in the state capital on Wednesday, it marked his second visit to the state in less than a year.

India tops new global slavery index

About 14 million Indians are living in conditions of modern-day slavery, nearly half of 30 million across the world.

Is Azim Premji doing a Bill Gates?

Azim Premji spends more time with large clients, relationship building and sharing business experiences at global universities. Modern Moguls

Bill Gates first love will always be software

The question that everyone is asking Microsoft founder Bill Gates today is something he has faced before, and, predictably, many times over.

Bill Gates to step down as chairman of Microsoft today

Gates expressed his intention to focus more on Global Health and Development Program run by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.Top CEOs

ET Awards 2012-13: Azim Premji gets a Lifetime Achievement for changing IT & the country

Premji not only enlarged his inheritance manifold but also ventured into new territories such as, most famously, information technology.

ET Awards 2012-13: Vinod Khosla, the Global Indian who makes the world go green with envy

Untiring in his quest to change the way the world consumes energy, the 58-year-old venture capitalist has backed a number of startups.

Uber-guru Jim Collins on why Bill Gates is lucky — and Warren Buffet wasn't

Bill Gates was lucky. There were thousands of others who could have written the Basic for Altair 8800. But how many of them actually did?

Walt Mossberg to leave WSJ as AllThingsD talks fail

Mossberg’s weekly technology column was a first-read for consumers deciding whether to buy the latest iPhone or upgrade computer software.

Lehman Brothers collapse and the lessons for Indian capitalism

Five years after Lehman Brothers collapse, our scams are exposing a desi, resource-hungry form of crony capitalism.

Bill Gates signals end of computer mouse era

Bill Gates said that computer users of the future will control their machines by voice and pen as well as touch. Thinnest Laptop | All Headlines | Phishing email

Potential candidates who can succeed Steve Ballmer at Microsoft

Microsoft has a stable of senior executives who could succeed Steve Ballmer. Here is a list of potential internal candidates:

Next Bill Gates could be from India or China: Survey

A sizeable number of Americans believe that the next Bill Gates would come from India or China - as the two Asian giants are fast marching ahead on the global platform, a new US survey has revealed.

World Economic Forum Davos 2012: Bill Gates on improving healthcare, governance, education & philanthropy in India

"Room for more philanthropy but real imperative is when you grow as much as India, & have its economic performance, you can do a lot better"

World Economic Forum Davos 2012: Opportunity to double or even triple food output, says Bill Gates

Citing various developments, billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates today said there is opportunity to double or even triple food production.

World Economic Forum: Spend more on agri research to prevent food crisis, says Bill Gates

Governments world over need to spend a lot more on agricultural research and support poor farmers to avoid running out of food by 2050.

China's own Twitter 'Weibo' goes global; Bill Gates, Tom Cruise sign-up

The site also helped politicians like San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, to reach Chinese audiences during the recent mayoral elections.

Bill Gates invests in chewing gum, chocolate to combat malaria

Bill Gates believes chewing gum and chocolate could become the next tool to combat malaria.

I-T department keep your tax returns in hi-tech, world-class swanky centres

IT dept saves your income tax returns in world-class safes with Iron Mountain, safe-keeper of the wills of Princess Diana, Charles Darwin

Bill Gates predicts change for PCs in 5 years

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates says that people will see a sea change in the way they interact with computers in the coming five years.

Bill Gates donates $10 mn to Chile

Microsoft founder Bill Gates has donated $10 million to help build a $400-million high-powered telescope in Chile, media here reported Saturday.

Ratan Tata signs up for Richard Branson’s B Team; to change way businesses are conducted and governed

Ratan Tata has signed up to a new global experiment christened Plan B, which seeks to infuse businesses with a new DNA that puts people and planet alongside profits.

Bill Gates donates $10 million to South Africa

Software tycoon Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have donated $10-million for the improvement of the living conditions of the urban poor in South Africa.

Tips to master the handshake

The recent furor over the ‘casual’ handshake extended by Microsoft founder Bill Gates to South Korean President Park Geun-hye raised several questions.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook defends company's tax policy in Senate hearings

Tim Cook’s congressional debut, following an appearance at Obama’s State of the Union address in Feb, shows the iPhone maker can no longer afford to keep the low profile in Washington.

The questions Bill Gates leaves behind

As many cos are in idea-led businesses, companies and investors prefer to have iconic chiefs at the helm.

What Steve Jobs thought of Eric Schmidt, Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch, Tim Cook and others

The authorised biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, to be released on Monday, promises to show all the fascinating facets of iSteve.

'I dropped Facebook because of too many friends': Bill Gates

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said he was forced to give up on the social networking phenomenon Facebook after too many people wanted to be his friend.

Africa, Bangladesh better than India in immunisation: Bill Gates

India’s inability to stamp out polio has raised serious fears that the virus causing the crippling disease might never be eradicated.

Now, a regulatory body to set norms for impact investment

"The need for a self-regulatory organisation came from the experience of microfinance," says Vineet Rai, managing director, Aavishkaar Fund.

How unsuitable is the suit in India

Clothes have often marked one’s place in society. For the man in the boardroom —and it has been mostly men there — it has been the lounge suit.

How private security agencies protect India's top industrialists

Private security agencies tell us how business leaders can stay one step ahead of would-be kidnappers and terrorists.

Ashcroft to donate half of his 1.2 billion fortune to charity

Billionaire Tory Peer Lord Ashcroft is to pledge at least half of his 1.2 billion pounds fortune to charity as he joins philanthropic movement.

Have already given 25% of my wealth to charity: Azim Premji, Wipro

Azim Premji said he has already given more than 25% of his personal wealth to charity, but acknowledged it's not easy to use money well in philanthropy.

Guru Speak: Innovation can only happen out of desperation, or inspiration

Innovation happens in two situations —either you’re desperate or you’re inspired says Soumitra Dutta, Dean, Cornell Management.

5 ways to cope if your first venture fails

Success has many fathers and failure is an orphan, many young people are afraid of starting up, or simply give up when their first venture fails.

Agreement with Biological E to lower cost of vaccine: GAVI

GAVI Alliance was created in 2000 to accelerate the introduction of new vaccines so that all children.

Facebook's Zuckerberg ‘likes’ immigration reform and more H1-B

Small wonder Zuckerberg has stepped up to the plate in the fight to retain foreign-born talent.

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