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India's factory activity contracts for 3rd straight month in June

As per the report, contributing to the further deterioration was another sharp contraction in output at the end of the second quarter as coronavirus-related restrictions constrained production capacity though the rate of contraction eased considerably from May and was the softest since an expansion in March.

Death toll due to Covid-19 rises to 4,531, number of cases climb to 1.58 lakh

India had crossed the 1,50,000 mark yesterday following a huge spurt in recent days. While it took the country 109 days to witness 1 lakh patients, in took only 9 days for the next 50,000.

Scientists estimate Covid may have entered India in November-December

Top scientists in the country have estimated that the ancestor of the novel coronavirus strain from Wuhan was in circulation by Dec 11, 2019. Using a scientific technique called "time to most recent common ancestor", MRCA, scientists estimated the viral strain now circulating in Telangana and other states had originated between Nov 26 and Dec 25, the median being Dec 11.

COVID-19: India surpasses UK, now 4th worst-hit country

New Delhi, Jun 11 () India on Thursday went past the United Kingdom in terms of coronavirus cases to become the fourth worst-hit country with a caseload of 2,97, 205, according to the Worldometer.

UN forecasts pandemic to shrink world economy by 3.2 percent

The U.N.'s mid-year report released Wednesday said COVID-19 is expected to slash global economic output by nearly $8.5 trillion over the next two years, wiping out nearly all gains of the last four years.

MCD claims 2,098 people died of COVID-19; govt claims death panel working impartially

At a press conference held at Civic Centre, North Delhi Mayor Avtar Singh, East Delhi Mayor Anju Kamalkant, and chairpersons of standing committee of NDMC, SDMC and EDMC shared the challenges faced by the corporations in the time of the coronavirus pandemic.

Coronavirus plunges French economy into worst post-war slump

France saw its sharpest economic contraction since World War II in the first quarter as a lockdown from mid-March left shops shuttered and consumers hunkered down at home.

PM Narendra Modi bats for unlocking economy, CMs divided

The Centre is keen to frame broad guidelines for the resumption of economic activities.

Gold prices today dip further as risk sentiments improve

Indicative of sentiment, holdings of SPDR Gold Trust , rose 0.8 per cent to 1,191.47 tonnes on Thursday.

Escalating new COVID-19 cases pose further downside risk to economy: IHS

New COVID-19 cases are still escalating in India due to large populations and dense urban areas, as well as very weak healthcare systems, IHS Markit said, adding that this poses further downside risks to the economic outlook.

Plasma bank to be set up in Delhi for treatment of COVID-19 patients: Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday announced setting up of a 'plasma bank' to save lives of serious COVID-19 patients in the national capital. Addressing an online media briefing, the chief minister said the bank will start working in the next two days, adding that the AAP government will encourage those who have recovered from COVID-19 to donate their plasma. The chief minister said that a helpline will be set up by the government for queries related to donation of plasma.Plasma bank to be set up in Delhi for treatment of COVID-19 patients: Arvind Kejriwal

The signal in the noise: Using the best data to combat Covid-19 in India

If we ignore biases in data sets and analysis, it will hamper the efforts to defeat the virus.

Softening the blow: How #VirusPeVijay campaign helped one of the most vulnerable groups tide over the COVID-19 crisis

The fight against COVID-19 especially during the lockdown, needed many hands and partners, as the world entered a global paralysis of sorts, the fight against this pandemic was too big for the government to handle alone

Mongolian democracy under the shadow of coronavirus

Mongolians headed to the polls on Wednesday with a host of coronavirus safety restrictions in place as debate raged over whether the elections should have been postponed. In pic: A man walks past election stands of various parties including ruling Mongolian People's Party.

Maharashtra extends lockdown in state till July 31

Maharashtra remains the worst-hit state by the Covid-19 pandemic with a tally of almost 1.6 lakh out of which more than 74,000 cases are in Mumbai.

Decades-old Soviet studies hint at coronavirus strategy

To the boys, it was just a sugary treat. To their parents, prominent medical researchers, what happened in their Moscow apartment that day in 1959 was a vital experiment with countless lives at stake - and their own children as guinea pigs.

COVID-19 crisis: MHA writes to State Home Secys to keep an eye on detention centres across states

MHA writes to State Home Secys to keep an eye on the detention centres across the states.Details by TIMES NOW's Nikunj Garg.COVID-19 crisis: MHA writes to State Home Secys to keep an eye on detention centres across states

Things that were lost amid India's fast-paced workplace makeover

The pandemic has made the virtual real overnight. Utility quotient has outpaced novelty factor.

Pakistan skips SAARC trade meeting on Covid-19

akistan skips virtual Saarc meet on overcoming Covid-19 impact on regional tradePakistan skips SAARC trade meeting on Covid-19

No let-up in rise of Covid count, 2,66,598 cases & 7,466 deaths so far

Yesterday, cases of confirmed infection in Mumbai went past the 50,000 mark. It continues to have the most number of cases by far among India's cities. As usual, in the past 24 hours too, the highest number of new cases came from Maharashtra.

Covid-19 death in Delhi: Count increases by 344, tally reaches 1,837

Delhi Govt releases fresh data on Covid-19 deaths. 344 deaths have been added to the total Covid death count, taking the number to 1,837. This number includes 93 fresh deaths in the last 24 hours.Covid-19 death in Delhi: Count increases by 344, tally reaches 1,837

No plan to impose lockdown again in Gujarat: Rupani

Dismissing speculations being made on social media platforms about the lockdown, the chief minister urged people not to get carried away by such "unfounded rumours". Since June 1, curbs have been eased in the state following which industries, offices, shops, bus and auto- rickshaw services have resumed in non-containment zones.

India's Covid-19 death toll rises to 681, cases climb to 21,393

According to the health ministry's data updated in the morning, the highest number of confirmed cases in the country are from Maharashtra at 5,652, followed by Gujarat at 2,407, Delhi at 2,248, Rajasthan at 1,890, Tamil Nadu at 1,629 and Madhya Pradesh at 1,592. The number of COVID-19 cases has gone up to 1,449 in Uttar Pradesh, 945 in Telangana and 813 in Andhra Pradesh.

The road ahead turns darker for India, Asia's virus hotspot

A Bloomberg survey of economists estimates a 1.9% contraction in GDP in the current fiscal year.

Monkeys develop short-term immunity to coronavirus

Ever since word of the coronavirus spread across the globe, scientists across the world have been looking into the virus, hoping to extract any little detail that could help in the synthesis of a vaccine.

What India should do after the Coronavirus lockdown ends

Post lockdown, the govt must focus on healthcare, municipal services including drinking water & sanitation.

Oscars likely to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic

The movie industry's biggest night is currently scheduled for February 28.

India coronavirus count jumps by 6,935 in past 24 hours

Yesterday, Nagaland became India's 34th state/Union territory to report Covid cases, after a few returnees from other states tested positive for the virus. 28 states/UTs reported cases during the past 24 hours, compared to 26 the previous day. So far, only the UTs of Lakshadweep and Daman & Diu have reported no cases and remain free of coronavirus.

No perfect way to begin easing of coronavirus lockdown: UK Minister

There is no perfect way to begin gradually easing the lockdown on the British economy and Britons should apply common sense to new guidance, transport minister Grant Shapps said on Wednesday as changes to coronavirus restrictions came into effect.

Haryana: Drive-through COVID-19 testing facility launched in Gurugram

Gurugram (Haryana), Apr 12 (ANI): A drive-through sample collection centre has been set up in Haryana’s Gurugram to ease COVID-19 tests. This initiative was started by Healthians lab on April 11 along with Municipal Corporation of Gurugram. Any person can apply for COVID-19 test by filling their details online. The facility has been established in collaboration with the Healthians testing group at Tau Devi Lal Stadium. While speaking to ANI, the Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Gurugram, Vinay Pratap Singh said, “One can apply for the test by filling details online. The patient can drive on own or can be accompanied by another person.” “It takes about 1-2 minute to collect nasal or throat swab and the reports will be given online. It is compulsory for those who want to be tested for COVID-19 to obtain a prescription from a registered medical practitioner,” he added. There are total 177 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Haryana including three deaths and 29 cured. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the total number of COVID-19 active cases rose to 6634 in India and 242 deaths.Haryana: Drive-through COVID-19 testing facility launched in Gurugram

India's Covid-19 count crosses the 8,000 mark

The novel coronavirus has infected 8,356 people in India, killed 273, as per the latest update by the Union Health Ministry. According to the latest data available 909 new cases were reported in the last 24 hours, 34 people have died of the infectionIndia's Covid-19 count crosses the 8,000 mark

Coronavirus pandemic: Kanpur metro construction resumes amid lockdown 3.0

Construction work for Kanpur Metro Project on May 9 has resumed amid 3rd phase of COVID-19 lockdown. The work has been started inside barricaded casting yard. The workers are taking all safety measures and precautions according to guidelines.Coronavirus pandemic: Kanpur metro construction resumes amid lockdown 3.0

US deaths from coronavirus forecast to hit 180,000 by Oct

America is on track to lose 180,000 lives to coronavirus by the start of October, according to new data from experts modeling the pandemic at the University of Washington in Seattle, though an embrace of masks could decrease the damage.

Covid-19: Shopping malls in Gurugram to reopen from July 1, Faridabad to decide on Monday

The Haryana government has allowed shopping malls in Gurugram and Faridabad to reopen from July 1, more than two months after they were shut to combat the novel coronavirus outbreak.

Wuhan’s mass testing may have eradicated the coronavirus

Of the 60,000 people tested on Sunday, no cases of asymptomatic infections were found, said the Wuhan municipal health commission on Monday. In an ambitious effort to guard against a resurgence of cases, Wuhan is testing its entire 11 million population for the virus and has found some 200 asymptomatic cases in the past two weeks.

WHO chief warns world leaders not to "politicize" pandemic

World leaders must not politicize the coronavirus pandemic but unite to fight it, the head of the World Health Organization warned Monday, reminding all that the pandemic is still accelerating and producing record daily increases in infections.

Beware second wave of coronavirus, medics warn Britain

Britain has one of the world's highest death tolls from COVID-19 but infections have fallen. Govt plans to lift many restrictions in England from July 4 to help an economy facing the deepest contraction in three centuries. With fears of renewed spikes of infections concerning leaders around the world, some of Britain's most eminent health leaders want urgent preparations.

Angela Merkel seals $145 bn stimulus to lift battered economy

The wide-ranging plan to lift Germany out of the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus exceeded the top end of expectations by 30%. Alongside an immediate jolt from a temporary reduction in value-added tax, coalition officials allocated money to build out 5G data networks, improve railways and double incentives for electric vehicles.

The Role of CFOs amidst a coronavirus pandemic

CFOs have a central role to play during the financial crisis since they are the leader of the company who directly contributes to the organization's financial health.

Coronavirus in India: No COVID-19 case in 216 districts till date; recovery rate improves to 29.36%

India has reported 3,390 new positive cases of the novel coronavirus, while as many as 1,273 patients have recovered from the deadly disease in the last 24 hours, according to the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs (MoHFW) on Friday. There has not been a single positive case of coronavirus that has been detected in 216 districts of the country and no new infection has been reported from 42 districts in the last 28 days.Coronavirus in India: No COVID-19 case in 216 districts till date; recovery rate improves to 29.36%

India reports 14,933 new COVID-19 cases, 312 deaths in last 24 hours

Upward trend continues, COVID caseload mounts to 4.4 Lakh. 14,933 cases and 312 deaths have been reported in the last 24 hours across the nation.India reports 14,933 new COVID-19 cases, 312 deaths in last 24 hours

India's Covid count goes past 1,50,000

The total number of coronavirus infections in India rose to 1,51,767 in the past 24 hours, according to Union Health ministry's latest update.

Lockdown 2.0: Hema Malini condemns attack on Corona Warriors, health workers

Friends, I’m sure u must have read about or watched how our brave corona warriors have been attackd in certain pockets wth stone pelting causing severe injuries to them. Docs, nurses, policemen, none are spared! Utterly disgusting! These ppl are sacrificing so much-treat them with respect: Hema MaliniLockdown 2.0: Hema Malini condemns attack on Corona Warriors, health workers

The coronavirus pandemic is accelerating coal’s demise

In much of the world coal power is currently more expensive than gas and renewables, which explains why its share in the electricity mix has fallen in Europe, India, China, and parts of the U.S. The power markets in these four regions are large and varied. That makes the uniformity of coal’s decline even more surprising.

Lawyers redraw rent agreements with new ‘lockdown’ clause after 'disputes' over payment

The new agreements are being drafted for both residential and commercial properties as both -- property owners and tenants -- seek clarity in case of another lockdown disrupting life. The lockdown clause has gained importance as force majeure clause.

COVID-19: Pizza delivery man tests positive in south Delhi; 72 quarantined

72 people in South Delhi were quarantined after a pizza delivery man tests positive for Coronavirus. TIMES NOW's Parvina with details.COVID-19: Pizza delivery man tests positive in south Delhi; 72 quarantined

Closing bars to stop coronavirus spread is backed by science

According to a report by AP, authorities are closing honky tonks, bars and other drinking establishments in some parts of the U.S. to stem the surge of COVID-19 infections, a move backed by sound science about risk factors that go beyond wearing or not wearing masks.

Donald Trump 'surrendering the fight' on virus: Joe Biden

Joe Biden ratcheted up his criticism of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday, accusing him of ignoring the damage he's caused by an inadequate and ineffective response to the outbreak. “Donald Trump wants to style himself as a wartime president. Unlike any other wartime leader, he takes no responsibility, he exercises no leadership, now he is just flat surrendering the fight,” Biden said during a campaign event in the Philadelphia suburbs.Donald Trump 'surrendering the fight' on virus: Joe Biden

View: Revival package doesn’t help the poor or middle class, backbone of India’s broken economy

These packages offer nothing for the migrant, the informal sector, the poor or even the middle class – the backbone of the Indian economy. Supply side solutions are the wrong medicine to administer in the midst of the pandemic.

Delhi: Door-to-door survey in containment zones to be completed by July 6

Last week, the government had launched a mammoth exercise to screen the national capital's population for coronavirus and fixed the deadline to complete the task by July 6. The earlier deadline to complete the door-to-door survey in the city's containment zones was June 30.

Delhi: War on one pandemic brings another back

Experts feel the gains made over the last year have, to a large extent, been nullified in this period. A study estimates that Delhi generates 690 tonnes of plastic each day, with just 20% of that eventually recycled. Before Covid-related plastic waste, the biggest problems in Delhi, as determined by a study by NGO Chintan, were tetrapacks and milk packets.

Varying corona packages lead to wrangle between insurers, hospitals

There have been over 10,000 private healthcare claims. The average bill of a Covid-19 package in India is Rs 1.56 lakh so far, as per IRDAI data. Insurers say that claims range from Rs 2 lakh to Rs 8 lakh, but pay only what has been agreed upon in insurance contracts, with the rest borne by the insured.

Tamil Nadu: DMK MLA Anbazhagan dies on his birthday due to coronavirus

DMK legislator J. Anbazhagan, a Covid-19 patient died here at a private hospital on Wednesday, which incidentally was his birthday too, said party officials. The 62-year-old Anbazhagan undergoing treatment at the private hospital Dr.Rela Institute & Medical Centre here was in a critical condition.Tamil Nadu: DMK MLA Anbazhagan dies on his birthday due to coronavirus

US crude drops as coronavirus cases spike globally

US West Texas Intermediate crude fell 35 cents, or 1 per cent, to $35.91 a barrel.

Coronavirus pandemic: Resumption of International flights depends on other countries, says HS Puri

In a press conference on June 20, Union Civil Aviation Minister, Hardeep Singh Puri said that exact time of resumption of international flights depends on the other countries. He said, “Any suggestion that international traffic has opened up and we are the only one not to open up needs reality check. The exact time when we will resume international flight depends on the other countries to be open to receive flights. In absence of a decision on resumption of international civil aviation which will depend on other countries opening up, we are left with no option but to continue what I call evacuation and repatriation flights under managed and controlled conditions.”Coronavirus pandemic: Resumption of International flights depends on other countries, says HS Puri

HM Amit Shah and CM Kejriwal visit Radha Saomi Satsang Covid-19 facility in Delhi, review arrangements

Watch: Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal take stock of the situation in the Radha Saomi Satsang Covid-19 facility in Chattarpur, New Delhi.HM Amit Shah and CM Kejriwal visit Radha Saomi Satsang Covid-19 facility in Delhi, review arrangements

Recovered patients generated antibodies that can neutralise coronavirus

Some antibodies are blocking the virus from entering the cells.

India will set an example in economic revival, says PM Modi

PM acknowledged that some have undergone “tremendous” suffering, referring to workers.

India Ratings sees a historic slump in growth due to coronavirus

India Ratings projects lowest growth in India's history at -5.3% for the current fiscal.

S&P predicts serious local epidemic, enduring financial and corporate distress in India

After a likely 5% contraction in the current fiscal, S&P projected a strong rebound to 8.5% growth in FY22. “With a recovery of this magnitude, India's 10-year weighted average real GDP per capita growth will likely stay well above the average of its peers,” it said.

Wake up corona patients at night if their oxygen levels drop: Rajasthan government

An advisory by the state additional chief secretary said oxygen levels of corona patients must be monitored every hour at night. Rajasthan has seen nearly 400 Covid-19 deaths so far, and has over 3000 patients in hospitals or home isolation at present.

‘Model’ Bengaluru too sees steep rise in cases, struggles to find source

A month later, the city that claimed to be a “model” in handling Covid, is seeing a reverse scenario as the number of Covid cases are on a steep increase. As on June 27, the total cases reported in Bengaluru is 2,538 and 81 deaths, five times more than the cumulative cases as on May 31.

Lockdown, Day 81: Another grim milestone

Some experts, meanwhile, have come down hard on the ICMR for its assertion that there was no community transmission of COVID-19, saying it was not reflective of the current situation.

How Wuhan tested 6.5 million for coronavirus in days

While other governments have struggled to provide testing for their populations on a broad scale, China has embarked on a citywide campaign to prevent a resurgence of infections at all costs. It has succeeded, according to residents and Chinese news reports, by mobilizing thousands of medical and other workers and spending hundreds of millions of dollars.

Covid-19 Unlock-1: Kalkaji Temple gears up to reopen with precautionary measures

Central government issued guidelines for ‘unlock 1’ to open religious places from June 08. Delhi’s Kalkaji Temple took all necessary steps before opening temple for devotees. The steps have also been taken to follow social distancing norms, to sanitize due to coronavirus pandemic. Covid-19 Unlock-1: Kalkaji Temple gears up to reopen with precautionary measures

Lockdowns may have averted 3 million deaths in Europe by curbing COVID-19: Study

In a modelling study of lockdown impact in 11 nations, Imperial College London scientists said the draconian steps, imposed mostly in March, had "a substantial effect" and helped bring the infection's reproductive rate below one by early May.

View: Donald Trump's visa proclamation may hurt US economy

Further, according to Migration Policy Institute estimates, the latest proclamation, at best, would be able to keep only around 29,000 H-1B and 6,000 L1visa-holders outside the US labour market. Hence, it seems very unlikely that this proclamation would be able to achieve its primary purpose of job protection.

View: Future of global economic order

With the shifts in global economic order, political landscape and social behavior all taking place simultaneously, it is safe to say we have only begun to get a glimpse of what the other side of the pandemic has in store for humanity. While an industrial revolution was already in progress, the pandemic has accelerated the process and created even more complications.

Covid-19: NSCI dome in Worli turned into quarantine facility

BMC has temporarily converted the National Sports Club of India’s (NSCI) dome in Worli into a massive quarantine cum observation facility. Details by TIMES NOW's Aruneel.Covid-19: NSCI dome in Worli turned into quarantine facility

54-yr-old COVID-19 patient dies in Tamil Nadu

A 54-year-old man infected with coronavirus died at a hospital in the early hours of Wednesday, the first death recorded in Tamil Nadu due to the contagion, state Health Minister C Vijayabaskar said.54-yr-old COVID-19 patient dies in Tamil Nadu

PM Modi discusses strategies on boosting economy, attracting FDI amid Coronavirus pandemic

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a comprehensive meeting to give boost to the economy against backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic on April 30. The aim of the meeting was to discuss strategies on boosting foreign investments into India as well as to promote local investments. Union Home Minister Amit Shah, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, MoS Finance Anurag Thakur and others have attended the meeting. The nation is under lockdown till May 03 due to coronavirus pandemic.PM Modi discusses strategies on boosting economy, attracting FDI amid Coronavirus pandemic

Defined benefit vs indemnity type health insurance policy for coronavirus: Here's how to choose one

A benefit-based policy will ensure a fixed and guaranteed lump sum amount equal to the sum insured if one tests positive for Covid-19 and is hospitalised. An indemnity health policy, on the other hand, will reimburse the cost of medical expenses during hospitalisation.

How bad will the economy get? Companies will provide clues

The market, which has soared 23% from lows, is signaling that many investors expect a quick rebound.

Covid-19: Indian students stranded in US seek govt help in evacuation

Indiana (USA), Apr 09 (ANI): Indian students from Surat who are stranded in parts of US have appealed for help and evacuation to the Indian government in wake of spread of COVID-19 in the country. One of the students said there are total 11 students from different states of India. Flight services are currently closed due to Novel Coronavirus.Covid-19: Indian students stranded in US seek govt help in evacuation

Service robots may help COVID-19 impacted hotels recover faster: Study

The anticipated applications and integration of robotic technology will require leaders of the future to carefully consider the balance between the roles of service robots and human employees in the guest experience, according to the paper published in the International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

Coronavirus in UP: 389 cases reported in last 24 hours, active infections at 4,365

Total number of 389 new COVID19 cases were reported in Uttar Pradesh in last 24 hours, informed the state’s Principal Secretary of Health, Amit Mohan Prasad. “In last 24 hours, of 389 new COVID19 cases reported in the state. 4, 365 active cases have been reported in the state so far. Meanwhile, 12,666 COVID-19 samples were tested on June 08,” Prasad told media in Lucknow.Coronavirus in UP: 389 cases reported in last 24 hours, active infections at 4,365

Maharashtra doing well in its fight against Covid-19: Uddhav Thackeray

Uddhav Thackeray also hinted that the lockdown may continue if the social distancing norms are not followed and cases rise. “But I am confident people will listen to the government’s rules and guidelines since it is taking care of their welfare,” said the chief minister.

Does the Standard Individual Covid-19 health insurance plan suit you?

Shambhavi Mehrotra of ET Online gives details of the recently announced standard individual benefit-based insurance policy for individuals and families, which will provide coverage of up to Rs 5 lakh for hospitalisation expenses related to Covid-19.Does the Standard Individual Covid-19 health insurance plan suit you?

Kanimozhi's security cover withdrawn, DMK alleges conspiracy

Security cover given to DMK MP Kanimozhi withdrawn has been withdrawn. According to sources, since more personnel are needed for Covid-19 related work and to implement lockdown measures, the policemen providing security cover to her house have been taken back. TIMES NOW has more details.Kanimozhi's security cover withdrawn, DMK alleges conspiracy

Latin America logs 70,000 coronavirus deaths

More than 70,000 people have died from coronavirus in Latin America as the pandemic sweeps through the region, putting growing pressure on an already stretched healthcare system.

Maharashtra lockdown: CM Uddhav Thackeray says curbs will continue after June 30

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said there will be some restrictions in the state after June 30 but more relaxations will be offered gradually. He emphasised on maintaining stringent discipline as COVID-19 cases are still being reported in large numbers.

2,211 Maharashtra police personnel found COVID-19 positive; 25 dead

Of the total number of police personnel who succumbed to the infection, 16 are from Mumbai. Three others are from Nashik rural, two from Pune and one each from Solapur city, Solapur rural, Thane and the Mumbai ATS, the official said.

Coronavirus Lockdown: Haryana Roadways bus service resumes within state with limitations

Haryana Roadways bus service resumed after the state government decided to start special bus services on selected routes. The buses will run only within the state. Stranded are hoping for further relaxations after conclusion of lockdown 3.0.Coronavirus Lockdown: Haryana Roadways bus service resumes within state with limitations

Religion trumps coronavirus as pilgrims come back

Life is slowly returning to normal among the hallowed temples of Haridwar, but the pilgrimage town still has a forlorn air as the country emerges from its coronavirus lockdown.

Nearly half MSMEs witness 20-50% impact on earnings due to COVID-19 pandemic: Survey

The findings are based on responses from 14,444 MSMEs. The survey, conducted in the second half of May 2020, focussed on the financial impact of the pandemic on MSMEs and their outlook towards the earnings.

Gross state domestic products to see sharp declines in FY21

Among the major states, those likely to be most impacted over the fiscal were Karnataka, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Odisha, whereas the least affected would be Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

India’s budget target breach signals further blowout this year

The government racked up a budget deficit of 4.6% of GDP in the fiscal year that ended in March.

Coronavirus crisis: No relaxations in hotspots in city, says Arvind Kejriwal

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday announced that the lockdown will continue as usual in Delhi and no relaxations will be allowed before a review meeting of experts on April 27.“Delhi has 11 districts and all of them have been declared hotspots. As per the central government, restrictions cannot be relaxed in containment zones,” Kejriwal said.Coronavirus crisis: No relaxations in hotspots in city, says Arvind Kejriwal

Lives and livelihoods: The two critical imperatives for India's economy

There are enough debates ongoing in the country - whether India should focus on lives or livelihood and to my mind, this is not an either or scenario, it is an AND scenario, We need to do both and within the constraints of our economics and healthcare challenges.

28-Day paid leave for all COVID-19 patients in Noida

28-Day Paid Leave For All COVID-19 Patients In Noida; Factory, Shop workers to get daily wage for lockdown period employees of shops and factories which are shut due to orders from the state government or district magistrate will get paid for the period they are closed, an order from the District Magistrate 28-Day paid leave for all COVID-19 patients in Noida

Karnataka: Farmers wash currency notes in water, fearing Covid-19 transmission

Karnataka: Corona fears amongst farmers, wash currency notes in water fearing Corona transmission. Times Now's Imran Khan with details. Listen in!Karnataka: Farmers wash currency notes in water, fearing Covid-19 transmission

India's Covid-19 cases cross 96,000; recovery rate improves to 38.29%

India on Monday saw the highest single-day increase of 5,242 new COVID-19 cases as the total number of cases reached 96,169 on the first day of the fourth phase of lockdown. There are 56,316 active cases and a total of 36,824 people have been cured of COVID-19 taking the recovery rate to 38. 29 per cent while 3029 patients have died. Health Ministry said a total of 2,715 patients were reported cured in the last 24 hours.India's Covid-19 cases cross 96,000; recovery rate improves to 38.29%

Punjab tightens lockdown: Non-essential shops shut on Sundays, inter-dist movement only with passes

Chief Minister Amarinder Singh approved the detailed weekend and holiday restriction guidelines, reiterating that his government would take hard decisions, wherever and whenever needed, to prevent the community spread of COVID-19 in the state.

Strengthening economy among the highest priorities of govt: PM Modi

He highlighted that strengthening the economy once again against the Coronavirus is among the highest priorities of his government.

Covid-19: IIT Kanpur to manufacture cost efficient antiviral coating masks

Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Apr 05 (ANI): Several researches are going on to curb coronavirus pandemic, which have killed 56, 985 people globally so far. Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) Kanpur has also joined the fight against the coronavirus. Researchers are working on cost- efficient special antiviral coating masks, which may replace N95 masks whose price shoot upto Rs 500 in recent days. Researcher at IIT Kanpur, Professor Ramkumar said, “We developed an alternative material for N95 masks, and we are making it manually as we don’t have access to automatic machines due to nationwide lockdown. By next 2-3 days, we will start manufacturing of the masks.” The N95 masks filters at least 95% of airborne particles. It is said that healthcare workers who are expected to perform patient activities with those suspected or confirmed to be infected with COVID-19 to wear respiratory protection, such as an N95 respirator. Unlike a respirator, a surgical mask does not have an air-tight seal and thus does not protect its wearer against airborne particles such as virus material.Covid-19: IIT Kanpur to manufacture cost efficient antiviral coating masks

View: Panic must not blind India to the horror story about to unfold

Beyond two or three months, a continued lockdown will mean economic disaster without avoiding high deaths.

COVID-19 crisis: CEC Sunil Arora to take 30% salary cut for a year

CEC Sunil Arora and two other ECs take a 30% salary cut for a year amid the COVID-19 crisisCOVID-19 crisis: CEC Sunil Arora to take 30% salary cut for a year

US COVID-19 cases surpass half a million; Donald Trump faces 'biggest decision' on re-opening economy

Public health experts have warned that the U.S. death toll could spike to 200,000 over the summer if unprecedented stay-at-home orders that have closed businesses and kept most Americans indoors are lifted after 30 days.

Coronavirus Lockdown 2.0: Focus on both life, livelihood

Exemptions likely for agriculture, factories & transport of goods in the next phase of lockdown starting April 15.

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