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| 21 October, 2020, 01:08 AM IST | E-Paper

    Milan Vaishnav CMT MSTA

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    ​Trade Setup: 12,000 upper resistance point for Nifty; weakness in US dollar can be supportiveTrade Setup: 12,000 strong resistance point for Nifty; stay light on positionsTrade Setup: Expect a quiet start for Nifty on Monday; 11,800 and 11,865 immediate resistance pointsDalal Street week ahead: Jittery start likely, sectoral rotation possible
    Trade Setup: Nifty might stage a minor pullback; volatility to increaseTrade Setup: Nifty pullback can be deceptive, 12,000 level crucial to watchTrade Setup: 11,950-12,000 resistance zone for Nifty in short-termTrade Setup: 12,000-12,035 strong resistance points for Nifty, avoid momentum chase
    Trade Setup: Nifty might see profit taking bouts, show resistance at 11,900-12,000 levelsDalal Street week ahead: Nifty may see more upside; but risk-reward is getting skewedTrade Setup: Nifty showing signs of fatigue, avoid aggressive betsTrade Setup: Nifty showing signs of fatigue, avoid high-beta play
    Trade Setup: Nifty may try to hit 11,700, focus on defensive stocksTrade Setup: 11,500-11,615 resistance for Nifty, sector rotation to continueTrade Setup: Expect a steady start on Monday; financials, consumption, IT stocks may outperformDalal Street Week Ahead: Nifty looks firm; avoid shorts & guard profits too
    Trade Setup: 11,300-11,430 critical resistance for Nifty; protect profits at higher levelsTrade Setup: Take stock-specific approach, avoid leveraged exposuresTrade Setup: Nifty may have a jittery start, protect profits at higher levelsDalal Street Week Ahead: Nifty likely to trade with limited upside and incremental volatility in truncated week
    Trade Setup: Technical pullback cannot be ruled out in Nifty, avoid shortsTrade Setup: Avoid aggressive shorts, take cautious betsTrade Setup: Avoid excessive exposure, look for stock-specific performancesTrade Setup: Upside limited for Nifty50 now; stick to defensives
    Trade setup: Stay cautious till Nifty crosses past 11,430 levelDalal Street Week Ahead: Nifty lacking momentum to go higher; stay cautiousTrade Setup: Nifty unlikely to see strong move; avoid large positionTrade Setup: Nifty may try to test 11,700 level amid weekly expiry
    Trade setup: 11,430 level key for Nifty50 to log incremental gainsTrade setup: Market action to remain stock & sector specificTrade Setup: Nifty may see stable start, but every cue is calling for cautionDalal Street Week Ahead: Time to turn defensive; action likely in IT, metals & auto stocks
    Trade setup: Nifty in a firm uptrend, will remain turbulent below 11,500Trade Setup: Weekly F&O expiry to dominate trade, limit exposureTrade setup: Nifty likely to remain range-bound with limited upsideTrade Setup: With no cue from Wall Street, Nifty may look up
    Trade Setup: Nifty may weaken some more; 11,430 level is keyDalal Street week ahead: Nifty likely to limit downside; expect stock & sector-specific actionTrade setup: Multiple weak signals, it’ll be prudent to stay defensiveTrade setup: Nifty50’ downside capped, has room for pullback
    Trade Setup: After short-covering pullback, focus shifts to defensivesTrade setup: Nifty pushed into a broad phase of consolidationTrade Setup: Nifty50 looks strong; action likely in financials, midcapsDalal Street week ahead: Nifty on firm footing, but dollar remains a big worry
    Trade Setup: FMCG & consumption stocks may wake up; stay defensiveTrade Setup: Nifty looks set to extend gains; banks, FMCG, consumption stocks should perform betterTrade Setup: Financials will continue to outperform; Nifty too showing strengthTrade Setup: Nifty looks gung-ho despite tough technical situation
    Dalal Street week ahead: Action shifts to midcaps, smallcaps; larger peers may halt nowTrade Setup: Dollar rebound to vex Nifty, action shifts to broader marketTrade Setup: Shrinking price band signals sharp moves and higher volatility aheadTrade Setup: Nifty50 firmly placed in Rising Channel, but do tread carefully
    Trade Setup: Nifty lacks directional bias, its ability to stay above 11,100 in doubtTrade setup: Nifty may look up, but key hurdle at 11,300-11,350Dalal Street Week Ahead: A likely pullback in Dollar Index, persistently low VIX not good signsTrade setup: Indecisive Nifty, traders’ complacency send out ominous signal
    Trade Setup: Nifty precariously poised, will swing to the tune of weekly options expiryTrade setup: Watch 11,350 level; no consensus on Nifty upsideTrade Setup: 11,300-11,350 zone stiff hurdle for Nifty, as is a dollar reboundTrade setup: Looks like dollar play is on in market; remain stock-specific
    Dalal Street Week Ahead: Nifty tech charts giving mixed signals; upside looks cappedTrade setup: Nifty showing lot of discomfort at higher levelsTrade Setup: RBI policy & weekly options expiry to keep Nifty shakyTrade Setup: Nifty likely to start where it left today; hurdles at 11,130 and 11,165
    Trade setup: Expect a mild pullback in early trade; but bearish signals all overTrade Setup: Market is consolidating; use any bounce to protect profit nowTrade Setup: Market vulnerable now, Nifty50 may extend declineTrade Setup: More weakness may creep in amid F&O rollovers on Thursday
    Trade Setup: Nifty looking strong, may head to 11,400-11,450 zoneTrade Setup: No sign of major weakness, but it looks like Nifty is on a sticky wicketTrade Setup: Any Nifty dip to get bought into; stop losses a mustCan gold rally pose a direct threat to equities? Here's what charts say
    Dalal Street Week Ahead: Nifty may try to move higher; 11,900 level keyTrade Setup: Nifty above all moving averages now; no sign of weaknessTrade Setup: Expect higher volatility on Thursday amid expiry of weekly optionsTrade Setup: New Rising Window on Nifty chart shows strong momentum
    Trade setup: Nifty Put-Call ratio is sending out ominous signalsTrade setup: Nifty behaviour vis-a-vis 200-DMA key; but MACD is bearishDalal Street Week Ahead: Key Nifty hurdles at 10,960, 11,065; commodities, energy, infra stocks well placedTrade setup: After short-covering bounce, Nifty50 will hit wall at 200 DMA on Friday
    Trade Setup: Expect stray rebounds, but Nifty vulnerable at higher levelsTrade setup: Nifty resistance shifts lower; use every pullback for exitsTrade setup: Nifty hits the 200-DMA wall; guard profit, stay stock specificTrade setup: Nifty looks all set to see a bearish Failure Swing now
    Dalal Street week ahead: Signs of fatigue all over; Nifty may see some consolidationTrade setup: Stay alert! Nifty bounces not showing any increase in momentumTrade setup: Nifty forms temporary top; avoid longs, stay stock-specificTrade setup: Shorts building up; Nifty setup now highly risky & unhealthy
    Trade setup: Nifty risk-reward now most unfavourable in recent timesTrade setup: Nifty resilient; don’t chase the rally blindly, use it to protect profitDalal Street week ahead: Nifty momentum weakening; don’t chase this market blindlyTrade setup: Short covering driving up Nifty50; avoid fresh purchases
    Trade setup: After short-covering bounce, weekly expiry to decide Nifty next move
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