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Tokyo 2020 with animals can help India win some medals

The Bullet Train of coronavirus has inevitably run over the Tokyo Olympics, which may now be held in 2021.

, ET Bureau|
Last Updated: Mar 31, 2020, 09.21 AM IST
Concepts for Animal Olympics can be found from a film with a title 'Animalympics' that reveals nothing about its contents.
The Bullet Train of the coronavirus has inevitably run over the Tokyo Olympics. The Games may now be held in 2021, by when people will hopefully be making love without masks.

Unlike humans, animals have not been that affected by the pandemic. In fact, in times of social distancing, they are reclaiming the streets. A crow comes nearly every day to this writer’s kitchen window. Actually, our friendship predates the virus. But now the visits are frequent. The crow sits on the pane, lowers its neck to peek into the kitchen, and caws. I climb on to the platform and with a pair of tongs, keep bread on the pane. The bird does not fly away, a sign of our comfort level. If it’s in the mood for takeaway, it picks up the bread and takes off, perhaps to watch Netflix. If it feels like a sit-down meal, it stays on the pane and eats and asks for the wine list.

So why not have Olympics for animals? It will be safe and entertaining. India will win some medals. And deplorable Indian sports officials will not get an all-expenses trip in the garb of “boosting the morale of our athletes”. Although you never know with these people. Officials, politicians, don’t you get it by now? Nobody likes you.

Animals have participated in the Olympics for years. In the ancient Olympics, when the events were more Game of Thrones than sports, there would be chariot races. The modern Olympics have equestrian competitions. In an Olympics only with animals, some politicians could replace the human on horseback. The president of a certain country comes to mind.
Animals have participated in the Olympics for years.

Pet versions of popular sports events can throw up more ideas for Tokyo 2020 with animals. The US hosts a Puppy Bowl before the Super Bowl, where dogs try to play American football across a small pitch. Puppy Bowl players show a hilarious lack of coordination between them. Some suddenly lie down on the pitch for no apparent reason. Some others might get distracted by the prospect of a snack. But an event Puppy Bowl is. There is a field. There is a ball. There are players.

Elephants in Thailand, who sometimes play better football than Manchester City did in some games this season, would only be happy to display their skills at the Olympics. They do have mahouts sitting on them but they could be replaced by robots which look like Jurgen Klopp.

Further concepts for Animal Olympics can be found from a film with a title that reveals nothing about its contents. It’s Animalympics, an animation film made in 1980. The movie features an alligator named Bolt Jenkins which “was born as a handbag”. A high-jumping frog named Boris Amphibiensky is Jenkins’s inspiration as the ex-handbag goes on to win medals in high jump as well as the 100 metres dash. It does not, however, celebrate like Usain Bolt.

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27 Mar, 2020
The summer of sport is in jeopardy. As the coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, organisers are cutting their losses and either cancelling or postponing marquee sporting events till the public health crisis abates.The Tokyo Olympics have been postponed.Here’s a roundup of all the major sporting events that have been upended by coronavirus.

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