With additions like INS Khanderi, we're capable of giving Pakistan much bigger blow: Rajnath Singh


    Lauding the name given to the Kalvari-class submarine, Rajnath said, "The name Khanderi is inspired by the dreaded 'Sword Tooth Fish,' a deadly fish known to hunt whilst swimming close to the bottom of the ocean."

    Pakistan planning another 26/11, India capable of giving much bigger blow: Rajnath Singh
    MUMBAI: Pakistan should be wary of the recent additions to our naval capacity as with them we could deliver them a bigger blow, said Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh at the commissioning ceremony of the second Kalvari-class submarine INS 'Khanderi' on Saturday.

    "Pakistan should understand that today with the strong resolve of our government and advancement in naval capacity with additions like INS Khanderi, we are capable of giving a much bigger blow to it," Singh said at an event here.

    Lauding the name given to the Kalvari-class submarine, Rajnath said, "The name Khanderi is inspired by the dreaded 'Sword Tooth Fish,' a deadly fish known to hunt whilst swimming close to the bottom of the ocean. Khanderi is also the name of an island fort constructed by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He was one of the few medieval rulers in the country who understood the significance of Naval supremacy."

    Singh also praised India's collaboration with France in building the INS Khanderi, which is the second of the Navy's six Kalvari-class submarines being built in India. It is a diesel-electric attack submarine which is designed by French naval defense and energy company DCNS which is being manufactured at Mazagon Dock in Mumbai.

    "Our special partnership with French naval will touch new heights. The construction of the submarine is benefiting industries indirectly, through the Make in India program. Our government is alert to the needs of our defense forces and we are committed to fulfilling it," he said.

    The Defense Minister in his speech also said that he would stay on board the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya for today.

    He also hailed the work done by the Indian Navy in ridding the sea routes of piracy and added about the upcoming additions to its capabilities.

    "Our Navy has done great work in the eradication of Piracy in waters. When sea routes are secured, the impact can be seen on the trade of that region. The Nilgiri ship is also going to be launched and world-class aircraft carrier dock will also be inaugurated soon," Singh said.
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    Suchindranath Aiyer320 days ago
    How about the real enemy? Pakistan and Terror protector and patron, China?
    ST321 days ago
    It was in 2005 that French shipbuilder Direction des Constructions Navales Services (DCNS) was awarded a $4.16 billion contract to build six diesel electric attack submarines (under Project 75) for the Indian Navy in cooperation with Mumbai-based Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd. The subs were still slated for delivery at an interval of nine months. Project 75 has now been delayed by over four years.
    ST321 days ago
    n response to the Balakot strike, the Pak air force counter-attacked on February 27 with around 24 aircraft, which incl. the US-made F-16s. At that time the Defence minister Rajnath Singh had said that if only we had the Dassault Rafales, the Pak air force wouldn''t have dared. Former Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal A.Y. Tipnis, has then said that if the IAF had the Rafale, it would have destroyed half of Pakistan’s fighter jets.
    The Defence minister and IAF Chief B.S. Dhanoa are to take delivery of first Rafale fighter jet in September 2019. The next batch of four jets will be coming to India only in April-May 2020.
    Going by the statements of the Defence minister and former Chief of Air Staff, the Pak air force should have been quaking in their boots. Instead, they are in the process of setting up a new airfield in PoK — just 150 km from Srinagar and 235 km from Jammu. The ‘broke’ Pakistan govt. has already allocated 1,600 million Pakistani rupees (over US$10 million) towards this.
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