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Corruption purge: 15 CBIC officials forced to retire

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They should be named and shamed in the public domain.

Crusoe (Nagpur)

If he is a srivastava, then he is having the capacity to count waves and make money. They should not be in government jobs!

Chidus chelas are every where in our babudom. It is an enormous task to ease them out.

Criminals join politics and derive all under serving benefits. Are we going to track and crack them?. Please do that first.

la least now cleaning started...thumbs up to NaMo government.....

What about corrupt politicians. How many have cases against them in courts? Why were such people given ticket to contest? Charity begins at home. Cleaning should also begin at home. Swachha Bharat should start with politicians.

RGV (Secunderabad) replies to Chandrakant Shinde

Biggest problem is if politicians are investigated for corruption, immediately say that it is political vendetta. Say for example a ruling party member is investigated for corruption, he will immediately say that it is revenge or against certain caste or religion etc for not following the leader and there will be many supporters from even the opposition parties. Will opposition parties say that they will not recruit corrupt politicians of other parties? we are more bothered about caste, religion etc.

This is just an eyewash. lf they were corrupt, then why did it took so many years to sack them and what about the loot that they have accumulated all these years. All their properties and bank balances should be seized and why they not imprisoned so far. Just sacking them does serve the purpose.

Kavi Tanna (Toronto)

Now that Modi has won a second even bigger majority there is nothing that can get in his way. There is no patience left for corruption.


does this means we LL be corruption free? these officials work under politicians who loot general public...looks like loot is getting organized ð ð ð ð a welcome move but why law is different for general public and govt officials??

V N replies to GameHind Malik

Appreciate something good when it is happening, this never happened in India before

Prateek Modi (Jaipur, Rajasthan)

needs total flushing of the bad fish

Muhammedibrahimck (Palakkad)

In addition to the present drive by the Central Govt. to cleanup the bureaucratic bribery and nepotism by the Senior officials in various Govt.Departments by compulsorily retiring them from service,a special wing should start functioning in the Income Tax department to monitor the amassing of wealth by the political leaders including MLA''s,MP''s and Ministers.

There are hundreds of IT officers, who have been caught red-handed taking bribe by CBI from more than 15 years at various govt depts. Why action against only a small number? What about the remaining?

This move though laudable, is too late and too little since these people would have made fortune enough to take care of generations.

Rama Chandra (hyderabad) replies to Pranatharthi Haran

now is good than never....

Anand (Noida)

Good move by Govt- Local bodies also be ready : most corrupted entities in India where everyone from bottom to top are looters.

Rama Chandra (hyderabad) replies to Anand

Fake Gandhi family encouraged these guys and aswell brokers/agents...First this family should be investigated how much looted and kept in India/Abroad



Anushka (Surat)

Make IT-filling more easy. Merge various heads of income.


JP Nadda.. He is the same person who was allegedly taken crores of rupees as bribe for recognizing new medical colleges.. During his regime as chief of IMA, many medical colleges which were built under a tree without any facilities were recognized.. Even an alleged clinic inside a barbar shop was given crores of rupees aid...such a corrupt person BJP chief......haha rebirth of their bangaru laxman....

Harish Mani (Mumbai) replies to ravi_40

well, Mr Nadda is not a doctor and hence he couldn''t have been chief of IMA. I am sure you are confusing him with someone else. pls get yourself corrected

Okman (India)

Modi has challenged the very reason for existence of these people. Now they have to have a new business model.

Arman S (del)

why not prosecution ? then all the bigger names will have to be revealed.

Krishna Kumar (Bareilly)

The entire govt machinery,barring afew, need to be punished,in this manner. Also to include finsncial recovery and imprisonment.

Death penalty for corruption is needed. Suspension-Dismissal-Compulsory Retirement, is too late, too little And Not Enough! Nothing short of public hanging, so that other government officer pee in their pants with fear before intimidating common citizens with false cases and taking bribes by blackmailing innocents!

Okman (India)

Make 10 years in Jail compulsory for IAS, they are usually

Anushka (Surat)

Penalty with imprisonment must be done.

RK (Thane)

Good step taken by our PM Mr. Modi. It had never happened before. Congress Gov was supporters for all these bureaucars as they were getting money from them. All government officers IPS/IRS/CBI/IAS houses properties to be raided by Anti corrution bureau. Thanks to Modi.. Hum tumhare sath hai

Nageswara Rao (Hyderabad)

good many are rather most are corrupt in IT.

contrary to popular belief, they will get pension despite compulsory retirement. Unless criminal cases are filed, there is no point in compulsory retirement. It does, however, curtail their ability to earn bribes for few more years.

Fooled Indian (Mumbai)

Surprised ?? Do this country have a proper investigation agency who will prove the charges and recommend relevant actions. or is it going to be illiterate , murderers ,corrupt, rapist MP''s elected by uneducated Indians will now dictate the terms ?? Then why we need SC / CBI / ED, shutdown all those and let the elected looters decide who is right and wrong ?? Why charges are not proved against Sonia / Rahul / Vadra / Pawar if they are corrupt even after 5 years of power ????


16 is miniscule. It must be atleast 1600. Kick them out and throw on the streets


16 is miniscule. It must be atleast 1600. Kick them out in the streets


Well done !! Congratulation to Finance Minister ! These white elephants draw very fat compensation and also indulge in corrupt anti-national practices.They must be put in Jail for a long period , without any retirement benefits......and


good thing. but people of the nation is waiting foor compulsory retirement of corrupted, criminally proved politicians. there are many politicians whose accumulated wealth is higher than their sources of income. Modiji, do something. people have voted you to power with great expectations.

Sameer (Pune)

Were these guys corrupt or did they refuse to bend ?

CBI has initiated case in 1996 itself against one of them. Others may have unacoounted wealth and benami properties. A Municipal clerk posted in Check Naka has 8 Crores of properties in Mumbai. This was before two decades.

replies to Sudalaiyandi Pillai

Has the court not taken any action against them?

replies to Sudalaiyandi Pillai

Initiated a case in 1996 but not yet concluded???Others may have they may not have also no, nothing concrete? A clerk may have other sources of income is that not allowed? or what if he has ancestral property which is legally his? if its not proven action is not fair no???

Sameer (Pune)

Charges of corruption?? were they proved or not??

Where is Finance Minister? Still not able to come out of victory? Why Modi has to work for FM also? This is how the ministers will be spoon fed? How much Modi will work? He has so many foreign trip to make with or without Foreign Minister.

Jaya (chennai) replies to Jai Bharat

First understand that PM had instructed FM to weed out Corrupt Officials and List was prepared past Two Years and IT officials records were scrutinized. Big home was done before asking them to retire.So do not write what ever you want.Have you ever opposed India''s Most Corrupt EX FM none other than Chidambaram past 14 years when they were in Power.? 60 years of Corrupt rule , none of the media nor you people raised your voice. Now hue and Cry.

Neeraj Mishra (Dehradun)

All IAS and Netas are Saints. Who will show a mirror to their face?

Good going needs to be implemented in all other departments also so that non performers and corrupt officers are purged out from the system


This is fine but what about the sentencing of the guilty ?

Kp Mishra (Pune)

Apart from these action, let the illegal money made by them be recovered and transferred to National Relief fund of the Prime Minister.


Direct and Indirect Tax Depts. have been the most corrupt depts. of the Govt. These was a time when even a salaried person had to pay Rs. 1000/- bribe to get the cheque for IT Refund. Fortunately that is gone but still there is too much corruption in these depts. I welcome Modi cleaning up this pile of scum.

Kp Mishra (Pune)

Dishonest bureaucrats not only harass genuine tax payers but also amass illegal wealth. In either way, they deserve to be kicked out. Its good that, government has started the cleaning excercise in the bureacracy also. This is going to contribute to Swachh Bharat.

By the speed with which the new Government is eradicating corruption, I am sure Indian standard of living will definitely improve in another five years to a very high level.

Retire! Why not lock up the crooks for the rest of their life


super shot from Modi, India is changing ...


I am a sr. citizen and suffering due to unwanted notice from Income tax Dept. when contacting local income tax officer concerned. ITO is least concerned to correct the unjustified demand. though it is a two min job. he is saying he is too busy .comes 2 hour late in office .talked to him in person andthrough phone but no action .Income tax deppt is the most inefficient deptt. in India.Finance minister should do some thing quickly. I have submitted the reply on line also but they say contact local office but demand is sent online, left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.

You are not alone friend. there are hundreds of thousands Senior Citizens getting harassed by ITOs. The Government should start its action from down to top. When it will penetrate down to ITO level, if they just send home a handful of few high level officers ?

crusoe (nagpur)

If the government were to invite people to serve in the Income Tax department, GST enforcement department, CBI etc, without any salary, there would be millions of applications. Corresponding departments of state governments in revenue, police, state civil services are ten times as worse. They are collecting for the state politicians also and receive protection. Children of these people are not studying due to the huge pocket money they get, they are becoming drug addicts and falling into bad company. The price to pay for unbridled corruption is being paid by the next generation.

Haradhan Mukhopadhyay (Jamshedpur)

There is a parallel economy run and utilized by terrorists, politicians, bureaucrats, and businessman. This is funded by tax evasion, bribery, and black money. Tax department and various other department of central finance ministry is responsible to detect all sorts of tax evasion and black money. These corrupt direct/ indirect tax officers are mainly responsible for parallel black money economy. In previous governments generally minister, officers and businessman are part of this black money racket. I Thank Modi government for cleaning the finance bureaucracy. This will strengthen our economy.

Good move ! This has been long overdue and thanks to our PM / FM, they have taken the bull by its horns and dealt a severe blow to these corrupt / shady bureaucrats. Now they will all join various political parties, chief among them being.... The government needs to look at other departments / state government departments and make all corrupt officials pay the price for their wrong doings. The public is sick of corruption which has become endemic across and would be more than happy if all corrupt officials right from the top to the bottom are thrown out and jailed. A strong message needs to be sent across.


God bless our PM for such a bold step. I hope it is the beginning only, the fight will continue for a long.

Abhay Sandwar (Hazaribag)

A good steps taken . It is needed .In efficient officials too should be pointed out both in Govt and public sector undertakings .Govt must eye on this point too

Govt is taking right step to clean the system one by one. Fear among habitual defaulters is good sign. Hope no body is spared.

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