Covid-19 in numbers


    With the cases doubling every ten days, numbers in India could equal China’s in a matter of two weeks.

    Covid-19 outbreak: India records largest one-day spike with 3,900 new cases, 195 deaths in last 24 hours
    Even as India enters the third lockdown, the rising number of positive coronavirus cases poses a huge challenge to the government and health workers. With the cases doubling every ten days, numbers in India could equal China’s in a matter of two weeks. In contrast, countries in Europe are opening up, albeit carefully. The borders are still closed in most parts of the world.

    Several experts have pointed out that though the origin of the Sars-Cov2 was China, other Asian countries have not seen the kind of spike in numbers as European or North American countries have. Divya Rajagopal brings into focus the situation in South Asian and South-East Asian nations with regard to infection numbers.


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    Logician84 days ago
    As the Covid-19 spreading more without letup gives a hint to the world that One Almighty God wants all the people in the world start worshiping only One God. As the majority of the people today in the world worship more than One God and joined partners to One God. Despite all the religious scriptures of all the religions in the world say to worship only One God but people are knowingly or unknowingly worshiping idols, humans, demigods, trinity and so many gods and they do, as seeing they see not, neither do they understand. All scriptures say, “There is only One God, worship Him, Ekam Evadvitiyam, He is One only without a Second. There is no deity but God. LORD our God is One”. If all the people in the wordl follow their religious scriptures honestly to worship only One God then this Covid-19 can be defeated soon. So it is time to stop dialing the wrong numbers and beating around the bush but time to Call for help to Almighty God by worshiping Him alone.
    Farok Ardesher84 days ago
    China has only 4643 deaths since the Wuhan Virus struck China. Aur hum sub BEWAKOOF HAI. Why not check with the Crematoriums of China to find out the true figure. No one will be allowed to question because everything is so Hush Hush.Health officials who alerted the Government in January have been silenced, perhaps they too are in the Crematorium.
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