My companies ceased manufacturing, yet not sending employees home: Vijay Mallya

"I have made repeated offers to pay 100 % of the amount borrowed by KFA to the Banks. Neither are Banks willing to take money and neither is the ED willing to release their attachments which they did at the behest of the Banks. I wish the FM would listen in this time of crisis" .

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SK Nayak (Mangalore)

Dr Mallya is having a strong quality of God fearing person with moral rule.One can recall the days of launch of KFA in 2005 when he had taken trouble of landing all his new Air crafts on the thirumala hills to get the blessings of Lord Balaji.How any person can interpret wrongly that Dr Mallya had fraudulent intention on venture of KFA.

Dear Govt of India,Why are you hounding Mr. Mallaya.I believe that he is an entrepreneur, whose dabble into the Airline Industry went all awry. He is even willing to return all of the Principal due by his Airlines. Please accept this and close the chapter. Atleast the KFA employees, Creditors will get paid off, albeit minus the Finance cost.If there was a better way to manage the Airlines, then the Govt had all opportunity to show the same with aIr India. Every Indian Airline Entrepreneur has lost in India......Jet, East West, Damania, Deccan, Indian Airlines, this attitude we are killing future Entrepreneurs.....I see good intent in MR. Mallaya's gesture. Please accept the same, rather then strain the Tax Payers any further.

SK Nayak (Mangalore)

Dr Mallya was victim of misfortune of entire Aviation sector.Some people think that Dr Mallya had fraudulent intention on setting up of KFA.When Dr Mallya had more than enough wealth with lucrativ business of liquor prior to setting up of aviation venture.How one can think about Dr Mallya in this way.

S K NAYAK (Mangalore)

It's everything under Govt control if FM wants that Dr Mallya to be paid to Banks,She has to ask ED & CBI to release attached properties of Dr Mallya and simultaneous payments to Banks


mr. mallya, if u r so much eager to pay defaults bank loans then what made u run from here. other failed companies also undergoing nclt process. now he is getting cornered so started singing sweet


The govt and we want to see you in jail. why you ran away if you had money to repay that time? Current govt knows how to bent the fingers you'll kinds

Agar Dena hi tha to bhaga Kyun.This person when see he can't escape from law and will be jailed, he is saying I will return 100 percent.

Now this Ben****h is realizing importance of India, he is the benamee of Italian family running from 60 years and fooling nation party, he is tasting Indian justice system, if BJP really sincere, put him bar at least 1 month before collection with all interest of bank money -

Hariharan Sankar (Kalyan west)

How about KFA employees who were left stranded on the road??How about Indian tax payers money, which he swindled and now shedding crocodile tears as if ready to pay.Our banks have well understood his ability of cheating and hence are not believing or borrowing his assurances. I still remember his showing thumps up and commenting that try to catch me if you can mocking at India. Must be brought back to face law and getting punished.

India still believe business is bad thing and making profitable business even very bad thing. For example Our Air India all Indian's paying for the loses even though less than One percent travel by air. Air India is not running by Mr. Vijay Malaya

Radiance Pandit (Mumbai)

He's like an internet ad pop. Always pops up at the inappropriate and inconvenient times

He is the biggest fraudster looting public money and enjoying his life with airhostesses all over the world. Money launderer,engaged in anti national activities and was also an MP and law maker of India. The national dailies are still after him to publish his verbose.Then what is the difference between underworld dons and gentlemen dons like him,Nirav Modi and some other Modis and latest Kapoors.

Its better to GOI to take back the money which was lended for business purpose and stop harassing after all business people are not the one who makes money out of nothing like politicians and bureaucrats. Every business will have either side of luck any thing may happen. enough of heard on this take back money and allow him to leave and stop dealing business men as theifs

I am totally agree with you. I am happy to see some sensible comment like your.

Boozing nusiness don't need any high tech acumen. Local Arrack with food colour and flavour mix far better than your so called IMFL with Rs.2,500 Price per bottle at a cost of 25 Rs. per bottle. If you are ready to pay the stolen money 100%, Deposit first the entire fund with interest to SBI and then talk to FM. Since the govts are reserving the liquor business to certain liquor Mafia, you people were enjoying your life with Public money.

So Indian people can be fooled once and always.Right?

Sknayak (Mangalore) replies to Adam Md

More than 80 % of the cost of bottle goes to Govt in the name of excise duty.

Arun (Bangalore)

This b*****d has ruined the lives of the innocent kingfisher employees but is whining only about his fate. UK's corona crisis is far worse than India's and this scoundrel is now wanting to get out of UK.

Adventurer H (Navi Mumbai)

Shameless opportunists- still out in proving he has done nothing wrong at all.Mallya now after all crime, his companies (was his now ex companies) has cheated banks leaving people jobless is he still paying them. So if doing something good sit quiet about it. Cheater remains a cheat always

Great.But how are the employees coping with years of unemployment and no salaries? Or is there a secret fund for them to draw salaries?

Logesh Kumar (Bangalore, India)

I suggest govt to take 6000 cr from him and close the case. At least you recover your principal amount, rather losing it completely

At this age and realising the gravity of the crisis the country is facing now because of vivid 19 Vijaya Mallya should regret the damage he has done to the banks the economy his employees in KingFishet airlines and refund all the loans with reasonable interest without any second thought. This is the right time to realise his mistakes and seek pardone from the humanity. No one has the divine right to loot and no one can take the loot when one leaves the Universe.

your companies? you already been declared defaulter and absconder with over 8000 cr scam.

From his assertion 'my company' it is apparent that he is having proxies who own the companies on his behalf...


you are already maintaining social distance... nobody listens to value for your talks...just enjoy in UK with Indian money. get lost

Please keep your big mouth shut. We had enough of your verbose. Your past employees at Kingfisher airlines had to lose their bread butter and lives due to your professional incompetence. You deserve to be brought to books.


which are your company? they are long gone from your hands

V Y Bhide (Pune)

I think his companies stopped functioning under his command when deserted the country.Now on bail, I suppose he is trying give eulogising talks.Man Come back and take care of your employees with great aspirations and high standards of life.

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