RCEP pact will deal 'body blow' to Indian economy: Sonia Gandhi


    Addressing a meeting at the AICC headquarters, Congress president Sonia Gandhi alleged that instead of acknowledging the "severe slowdown" and looking for a comprehensive resolution, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is too busy "managing headlines and events". She claimed that the government is in complete denial and that it is even more worrying.

    Congress president Sonia Gandhi
    NEW DELHI: Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Saturday launched an attack on the government on the state of economy, saying signing the RCEP agreement will result in "untold hardship" for farmers, shopkeepers and small enterprises. Addressing a meeting at the AICC headquarters here, she alleged that instead of acknowledging the "severe slowdown" and looking for a comprehensive resolution, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is too busy "managing headlines and events".

    "As a citizen and as a member of the responsible opposition, it pains me to see the Indian economy under siege. What is even more worrying is that the government is in complete denial," Gandhi said.

    "As economic decisions have not damaged the economy enough, it is now ready to deal a body blow to it by signing the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) - the regional free trade agreement of 16 Asian countries," Gandhi said.

    This will result in untold hardship for farmers, shopkeepers, and small and medium enterprises, she claimed.

    Her remarks come as negotiations to finalise the long-overdue RCEP enter final stages. All eyes are on India whether it will finally take the plunge and agrees to the world's largest trading deal spanning 16-Asia Pacific nations.

    In the address to party general secretaries, state in-charges and heads of frontal organisations, Gandhi said, "The latest shocking revelation that through the Israeli Pegasus software acquired by the Modi government, snooping and spying activities on activists, journalists and political persons have taken place."

    "These activities are not only illegal and un-constitutional, they are shameful," she said.

    "Far from creating jobs, recent studies now suggest that demonetisation, a messed up GST and subsequent economic decisions of the Modi government have resulted in an unprecedented loss of 9 million jobs during the last 6 years," she said.
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    19 Comments on this Story

    Vikas 318 days ago
    These people sitting on their high thrones keep making comments like "digital" "AI" "Cloud". The truth is, while it is inevitable to move to these technologies, they are reducing number of jobs far more than creating. Fcking high paid a**hole CEOs. Cutting jobs to boost profits.
    sharmila mehendale319 days ago
    We are so touched by Sonia''s concern over RCEP but aren''t they responsible for this mess? Pls enlighten this nation on why the Congress policies have left India with a lopsided development? Why do we still have industries that can''t face the global markets inspite of 70 years of independence? Had you kept development as your party agenda, we would have seen better progress through the first fifty years itself. We would have been better placed to face international competition now.
    Ramamurthi Kolagunta320 days ago
    Soniaji, the GOD Mother, seems to have no knowledge of the agreements made under her tutorship for trade with other nations, because of which we continue to suffer. China has diverted her products from the US to other nations. Other nations who are losing the US market are also doing the same. It is all because of the UPA''s agreements which did not demand reciprocity. UPA never bothered about make in India, with the result our MI sector suffered stunted growth. UPA only encouraged CUT MONEY culture because of which many businesses mushroomed dealing in commissions on Imports(especially defense deals) with branches across nations run by professional proteges of those in power. Since last 5 years this fake economy is under surveillance and getting dismantled, leading to a slowdown in the economy.
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