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What the falling rupee did to businesses across India

The situation is tricky as the rupee has slid by over 15% this year, but gold prices have also fluctuated.

Big four IT companies like Infosys, Wipro, HCL and TCS struggling to meet Nasscom’s growth target

Nasscom was waiting to see how the third quarter plays out before taking a call on cutting the outlook, said a person with knowledge of the matter.

On Power Dynamics

One of the most important — and most dangerous — is when a single sector or group is so powerful that it dominates how an entire society thinks about itself

From the horse’s mouth: Advantage India, but it’s time to up the game

It was sheer good luck that due to the limited FII access to China, the lesson was learnt relatively less painfully, says Nilesh Shah.

Taking Advantage of the Chinese Crisis

The rupee is not fully convertible under capital account and there is no immediate concern of flight of capital happening overnight.

China removes 75% cap on loan-to-deposit ratio

China today removed 75 per cent loan-to-deposit ratio stipulation for its commercial banks to improve liquidity and imposed $2.5 trillion as ceiling for local governments to control the spiralling debt.

7 key factors that may decide market direction next week

The biggest determinant for market direction next week will be the RBI's rate-setting meet.

China denies inflating GDP figures

The stronger-than-expected GDP figures released yesterday have raised speculation that China has inflated the data, state-run Global Times reported.

US gives hope to investors amid Chinese stock market slump, Greek debt crisis

Even as the Chinese stock market crash, compounded by the eurozone's Greek debt crisis, has seen investor confidence shatter, the US continues to offer hope.

Who shot down China bull? Regulator says hunt is on; Shanghai ends 6% down, slips 30% in 3 weeks; what experts say

China's major stock index, SSE Composite Index plunged nearly 30% since June 12 including Friday's fall of 5.7 per cent.

Five mutual fund schemes which have returned an average of 20% every year

For investors willing to stay invested in stocks for the next 20 years it is important to find mutual fund schemes with a track record.

Future of pensioners will crash with FDI: Mamata Banerjee

Intensifying her tirade against the Centre for allowing FDI in pension funds, Mamata Banerjee today said the future of pensioners in the country would be jeopardised the way it had been in the US.

Watch out! Any of these factors can play party pooper on D-Street

Besides valuation concerns, the domestic market is facing a host of headwinds ahead.

Gold prices zoom to Rs 31,000/10 gm as rupee, stocks dive

Gold surged by Rs 1,310, the biggest rise in two years, to reclaim Rs 31,000 per 10 gram level in Delhi, with stocks and rupee plunging on fears government may move to capital control regime.

The tech bubble that never was

Only recently have signs of weakness begun to appear -- tech startup funding fell in 2016, high-flying biotech company Theranos Inc. imploded dramatically and Uber’s negative public image may be taking a toll on its valuation.

China's Central bank quietly increases its power in battle to curb risks

The central bank raised short-term interest rates on March 16 in what economists said was a bid to stave off capital outflows

Why Raghuram Rajan feels market jitters are just jitters about jitters

In his first appearance, the Reserve Bank of India governor handled every issue facing world markets with such ease that it looked like he knew it was coming.

China's economy grows 6.9% in 2015, slowest pace in 25 years

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang last year had said that the Chinese government targeted an annual economic growth of around seven per cent for 2015.

Retail investors bought more shares than they sold in September quarter

Retail investors, known to aggressively buy in the stock market at the top of a bull market, repeated this behaviour in the September quarter.

After market crash, China mulls single 'super-regulator': Reports

China is considering bringing together its banking, insurance and securities regulators into a single super-commission.

Rich people, middle income group, youngsters: Who needs financial advice the most?

An online survey by ET Wealth shows that only 12% of investors in India have financial advisers. You too may be missing out on the right kind of guidance.

Don’t be afraid of US raising interest rates

This is utterly unnatural. It has been justified as a temporary expedient to ensure a full-fledged US recovery from the 2008 crash.

Not just stock markets: A few crashes, burns, bubbles and busts of a different kind

While we know of stock market crash of 1929 that was a prelude to the Great Depression (1929-1933), the Black Monday of 1987 that marked the largest one-day market crash till that date.

GST talk to hide mess in economy & malgovernance: Ghulam Nabi Azad, Leader of Opposition, Rajya Sabha

The FM is also the leader of the Rajya Sabha. As the then Leader of the Opposition in the same Rajya Sabha, the same Jaitleyji obstructed key bills during the UPA rule.

Sensex may fall by another 1000 points, Nifty by 300; go short on rallies: Experts

Indian market managed to stage a smart bounce back on Tuesday, after falling below key support levels in the previous trading session.

View: Why demonetisation can be a vote-loser, not the vote-winner Narendra Modi aimed for

The shortage of new notes may ease by December-end. But the economic effects will surely spill over into the next quarter, and maybe the whole of 2017.

Distinct possibility of credit rating downgrade: Swaminathan Aiyar

Stating that India's image as an investment destination is not good, Swaminathan S Anklesaria Aiyar said that there is a distinct possibility of a credit rating downgrade.

Why investors should bet on US-focused mutual funds

Being invested in dollar-based assets will aid diversification and reduce the impact of rupee depreciation on your portfolio.

China is in the midst of a triple bubble

The entire world is watching China's stock market collapse, but it's important to keep it within the context of the greater Chinese economy.

Four reasons why Greece crisis comes as a boon for Indian markets

Indian markets plunged while the rupee weakened on Monday after Greece voted 'No' to harsh bailout conditions proposed by its creditors.

US economist warns of tough times for economy

American investors need to prepare for an upcoming stock market crash that will be worse than 2008, a noted US economist has warned.

I agree with the ‘A’ and not the ‘I’ of artificial intelligence: Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak, the engineer-inventor, doesn’t expect artificial intelligence to become smart enough to replace the human brain or cause job losses.

Too much money? Will SoftBank's massive $100 bn Vision Fund change investing dynamics?

While it is early to predict where will Softbank deploy its excessive financial clout, experts agree it is only good news for startup investment market of India.

Gold rush on Akshaya Tritiya - make haste, slowly

The outlook for gold is not optimistic and there could be more pain in store. The key factor working against gold is the imminent rate hike.

French bank loses $800 million in 'trading incident'

The French bank Caisse d'Epargne lost around USD 800 million in a derivatives trading "incident" during last week's market turmoil.

Merrill Lynch sells stake in Religare

Merrill Lynch has sold its nearly 5% stake in financial services company Religare Enterprises for an undisclosed sum.

Change doesn't come gradually in our world, it comes in tumultuous chunks: Mark Buchanan

In an interview with ET, Mark Buchanan talks about how a chauffeur's mistake started the First World War and how that is linked to big stock market crashes.

need2know: Brexit aftermath & other macro triggers that may move the market today

Looking at Indian markets, the rupee could hit a new low while stocks are likely to be more resilient but volatile this week.

Apex Bank intervenes as Re hits fresh 2-&-half-year low

The rupee weakened to two-and-a-half-year low on sustained euro worries and sluggish stock markets, while speculative activity in the offshore markets continued.

The untold story behind Saudi Arabia’s 41-year US debt secret

While oil’s collapse has deepened concern that Saudi Arabia will need to liquidate its Treasuries to raise cash, a more troubling worry has also emerged.

IT will be badly hit if US slips into recession again

It will put pressure on the toplines of companies as clients postpone investments and renegotiate contracts to cut cost.

Participatory notes' share in total FII investments slumps to 7.9% despite government's assurance on taxation

The government's clarification that it would not tax PN holders did little to boost the prospects of these offshore derivatives in April.

When Senate turned up the heat on Wall Street

The US Senate Banking and Currency Committee resumed its investigation of Wall Street financial practices on June 27, 1933, after a few weeks' break.

Will PM Narendra Modi's current optimism be punctured by gathering global clouds?

Yet, today’s combination of high hopes and stagnant production bears an uncanny, depressing resemblance to Chidambaram’s last two years.

Sensex equals gold @ 27,200; here's what makes a better bet

Gold as an asset class will always see price appreciation and it attracts investors during the times of uncertainty, say analysts.

Rel Infra IPO can mop up Rs 5,000 crore

Reliance Infratel has revived its plans to list the company and on Thursday filed the draft prospectus with the market regulator SEBI.

Current finance crisis less serious than 1929: Stiglitz

The crisis now gripping world financial markets should be less serious than that of 1929, Nobel Prize laureate Joseph Stiglitz said today, because new "instruments" could prevent a depression.

Budget 2012: Banks want lock-in period for FDs up to Rs 1 lakh reduced to 3 years

This budget may be the time to reward safety-minded investors with long-term outlook by making bank deposits equally attractive as equities.

Here's how you can make the most of career trends in 2016

Online shopping, digital money, constantly beeping mobiles and a pursuit of job satisfaction over salaries by co-workers may push your boundaries.

Financial crisis: Markets & tragedies make for a heady mix

British writers set the theme, and Americans writers expanded it, through Wall Street and its financial schemes all based on the promise of developing their vast continent.

Why investment in realty is logical in sluggish markets

Though the real estate industry has been going through hard times for more than a year now, the hardship is primarily from the sellers' point of view.

Falling oil prices keep OMCs stocks buoyant

Stocks of oil companies have remained buoyant thanks to falling oil prices and renewed hopes on clarity in policy.

Club Mahindra posts 89% occupancy in Dec

Club Mahindra Holidays, a subsidiary of Mahindra and Mahindra, has bucked the trend by recording a 89% occupancy in its 30-odd resorts for the December quarter.

PF interest rate to remain 8.5% this fiscal year

The 4.4 crore subscribers of the Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) should not expect any rise in their provident fund interest rate this fiscal.

Verghese Kurien, the man who made Amul a $2.5 bn entity, passes away

Verghese Kurien, who passed away at the Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital today headed the GCMMF for several decades.

Greenspan sees early end to market crisis

Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan said financial markets and the economy will recover “sooner rather than later” from the worst turmoil in seven decades.

How to keep your startup afloat as investor funding dries up

If funding dries up, the first impact will be on hiring, then on your salary, then on servicing customers and finally your startup shuts down.

Avesthagen's Rs 700 crore IPO in second half of 2010

Bangalore-based life sciences company Avesthagen Ltd plans to launch an initial public offering in the second half in the current calendar year with an aim to raise Rs 600 crore to Rs 700 crore.

Oil tumbles, gold rises on markets turmoil

Oil, copper and corn tumbled on Wednesday sending investors scurrying towards safety of gold. Stocks 52 Week: High, Low | Gainers | Losers | Sectoral losers

Fiscal deficit, inflation under control; economy in revival mode: FM Jaitley

The Economic Survey presented by Jaitley in February had projected a growth rate of 8.1 to 8.5 per cent for the current financial year.

Lotte setting up separate arm

Korean confectionery major Lotte is setting up a separate wholly-owned subsidiary in India, which would operate parallel to its existing public-listed firm Lotte India Corp.

Shield yourself against Brexit volatility: Look at these 15 Bharat-focused stocks

Some analysts say investors can pick stocks which are more India-centric, especially those focused on rural India, and have little exposure to global markets.

Can China & Greece precipitate a Lehman-like global crisis?

Sharp selling seen in Chinese equities and rising concerns over Greece are making analysts see a repeat of the 2008 global crisis.

IHCL may issue fresh warrants as stock takes a hit

Indian Hotels Company (IHCL), owner of the Taj chain of hotels, is believed to have decided to issue fresh warrants after shareholders decided not to convert existing warrants in the wake of an over 50% erosion in the stock.

Pantaloon Retail's warrant conversion dilemma: Lose Rs 100 crore or shell out Rs 300 crore

The promoters of Pantaloon Retail find themselves between a rock and a hard place as warrants issued in 2010 become due for conversion.

Black money trail: Swiss ready to revise treaty

India wants to renegotiate DTAA, a tax treaty in force since 1995, to obtain details of bank accounts maintained by Indians in Switzerland. World's top tax havens that hoard billions

Life insurance cos' new biz slumps 11.6% in Q4

New premium collection in the life insurance industry has fallen 11.6% in the fourth quarter.

Invest-in-India story is a 5-10 year event, not a one-year rally: Jim Walker

Jim Walker, who was among the first strategists to issue a ‘buy’ call on India, says downturn has ended, but biz cycle upswing still in early stages.

Delhi HC ssks Sebi to explain its dispute settlement policy

HC has directed Sebi to respond within four weeks to a petition challenging the popular 'consent orders' used to settle dispute with securities law offenders.

Indian stocks can correct by 20 per cent: Marc Faber

Marc Faber, who is known to make extreme bearish predictions, said the US Federal Reserve may not increase interest rates this year.

Rolta falls victim to rumour, stock recoups after 70% crash

Rolta became a casualty of market rumours in early trades on Tuesday. The Rolta scrip fell nearly 70% intra-day, before trimming losses to 18%.

India Inc's overseas borrowings dip in November

The meltdown in the global financial markets has taken a toll on the overseas borrowings of Indian corporates.

Hiring to fall short of expectations by 30 per cent

New job generation in organised sector is expected to fall short of predictions by 30% following global meltdown. Trends & turmoil in job market | Working from home?

ESOPs: Loyalty bonus turning into liabilities!

Many took loans to exercise the option. Today, not only the cost of borrowing has gone up, but also the value of assets acquired has eroded.Why work before MBA?

ESOPs: Loyalty bonus turning into liabilities!

Loyalty pays and so do the corporate for holding back their employees through instruments like stock options. But the stock meltdown has turned the sop into a liability for many a loyal ones in India.

Rupee weak despite RBI intervention

The rupee fell in tandem with the stock market on Thursday, as concerns over further dollar repatriation by foreign investors dampened sentiment for the local unit.

Malls not to light up market this time

The trend of malls reporting 10-20% dip in footfalls in past couple of months looks like continuing into the Diwali season as well.

Real estate hit in several parts of Gujarat

Steep increase in Jantri rates, rising costs of construction materials and economic meltdown after collapse of financial institutions in the US have impacted real estate in central and south Gujarat districts.

CPI-M demands immediate cut in prices of petrol and diesel

The CPI-M today demanded an immediate cut in prices of petrol and diesel in view of sharp reduction in international oil prices, to give some relief to people.

Liquidity main problem, will act swiftly: FM

Finance Minister P Chidambaram on Friday promised to address liquidity and other concerns of the economy.

S&P 500's decline makes decade worst ever

Even the 1930s are looking better for US stock investors after the credit crisis wiped out over six trillion dollars from equities in the past year.

Only money in circulation can lift the economy

Investors believe in what they see - gold and real estate are good for them. If one looks at the two-decade history, both the assets have not failed them.

3i team eyes Adani Power stake

A consortium of investors, led by private equity player 3i, is in talks to pick up a 4-4.5% equity stake in Adani Power for Rs 1,800 crore.

Investors lapping up ULIPs again

After delaying premium renewals or even letting it lapse last year (policy lapses ranged between 15% and 20%), financial investors are once again looking at life insurance with renewed interest.

India Inc hiring on all cylinders even in slump

The number of Indian cos that added new employees were 30% more than those that reduced manpower. Tips to deal with office politics | Girls in 20s are new scions

NHPC's IPO to hit market today, co looks to raise Rs 6k cr

The company is planning to raise Rs 6,040 crore at the upper end of the issue price band of Rs 36.

Union Budget 2009-'10: Mission to rein in deficit in ’10-11 when revival is expected

In the backdrop of global slowdown, a return to fiscal prudence would have to wait, FM indicated that govt would return to Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act targets once economy resumes normal growth.

Rel MF first to cross Rs 1 lakh-cr average AUM mark in May

Reliance Mutual Fund, has become the first mutual fund (MF) house in India to cross the Rs 1 lakh-crore mark in average asset under management for a month.

'HFCL's Sunvision buy is a stake hike ploy by promoters’

As on September 30, 2010, the Nahatas - promoters of HFCL - held 2% in the company, corporate bodies held 31% and the rest by retail shareholders.

Watchdogs may weigh impact on investors

This could be a sort of poetic justice for investors still licking their wounds from the sharp stock market crash in October following a surprise crackdown on investments from unregistered foreigners.

CPI rebukes Chidambaram's swift move to control stock crash

Rebuking Finance Minister P Chidambaram's "concerns" over developments in the stock market, the CPI told him to concentrate more on issues concerning the livelihood of people of the country.

Inflows may exert pressure on exchange rates: IMF official

Amidst the stock market crashing, trigged by potential curbs on foreign money coming to India, a top IMF official said the capital inflows entering the emerging markets, mainly through FDI route, may exert pressure on exchange rates.

Rolta continues to languish; CMD blames market sentiments, Satyam debacle

The stock of Rolta India continued to languish in the red on Wednesday. The stock, which witnessed a 70 per cent fall intra-day on Tuesday, was trading at Rs 86.75, down nearly a per cent. It touched a low of Rs 80.35.

Re fall helps Daiichi save $880 mn in its $4-billion Ranbaxy buyout

The sharp depreciation of the Indian rupee against the Japanese yen and the dollar helped Japanese drug company Daiichi Sankyo save around $880 million.

Drop in China mkts; weaker dollar; middle east glut drive down gold, oil and commodities

Gold is holding just over its 5 1/2 year low, below $1,100 per ounce, with expectations for a near-term US interest rate hike seen keeping momentum with the bears.

Why China, and not Greece, should make you worry

A continued sell-off in China poses a much greater risk to the Indian market than a potential Grexit.

Economists call for measures to raise domestic demand

With the real economy yet to be impacted by ever-growing fears of a global recession, India's policy makers should unveil measures that help sustain local demand, according to leading economists.

Bank deposits safe: PM

The Prime Minister struck a note of caution against the backdrop of a stock market crash and fears of global crisis hitting the Indian banks.

Serum Institute hikes stake in Panacea Biotec to 7%

India’s largest vaccine maker, Serum Institute of India, has picked up close to 7% stake in rival firm Panacea Biotec.

ULIP launch, additional agents help LIC gain ground in Sept

LIC had lost out on market share and topline growth as it tried to move away from ULIPS.

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