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    Wealth management during crisis

    How to ace your appraisal in 2021

    This year, the appraisals are back and the dread of the performance review hangs heavy on you. Does it help to know that your manager is equally stressed out about the meeting? Here’s how you can make it painless and profitable for both.

    5 evergreen career strategies that will help you throughout your work life

    (Based on text by Devashish Chakravarty)From last year, from the coronavirus crisis and from life in general, many lessons have been learnt for our careers and professional lives that we n

    Tough year on campus: Worried about your entry into the job market? Here’s what you need to know, do

    Since your opportunities are restricted by the market and placement system, your first goal is to increase choices and reach the interview stage. Know that no one owes you anything so discard an attitude of lazy ‘entitlement’. You will eat only what you can hunt.

    Salary components: Trades and tactics to use

    HRA is the most common CTC component. Those staying in rented accommodation can avail of an exemption against the HRA received and only the balance will be taxable.

    Want to be a WFH high performer? 8 ways to impress your boss remotely

    Want to be a WFH high performer? 8 ways to impress your boss remotely

    To be recognised as an outstanding contributor, go beyond expectations. Know that in a remote working environment, only outcomes are seen. Thus only

    Shifting to a small town for work from home? A pay cut may tag along

    HR experts and consultancies feel under new rules, salary change for some WFH employees may be likely. And if and when formalised, new rules may see employers save 20-25% of cost per small town WFH employee.

    New career reality for the new decade: Trends that will affect your work, income and choices

    The biggest impact of the pandemic on businesses worldwide was to speed up the penetration and adoption of technology. Digitisation penetrated to the extent of eliminating travel for business, replacing it with virtual meetings everywhere.

    You are sure to fail that job interview if you make any of these 10 mistakes

    There is a lot of learning for your career from failed job interviews. The worst possible approach to a job is when you do not know anything about the employer, their work and expectations. Here are the right lessons to learn if you fail at an interview.

    How safe is your job? Here are 7 signs that are career red flags

    Your annual salary increment says a lot about how much your company loves you. The best way to deal with this is to talk to your boss. Accept the blame but resolve to work harder. Also find out how to improve your resume and ace a job interview.

    How to ask for a salary hike in times of coronavirus crisis

    How to ask for a salary hike in times of coronavirus crisis

    If you have witnessed the unpleasant event of a pay cut, a pink slip, increased expenses or your career has come to a standstill, you can still seek

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