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    Wealth management during crisis

    If you want to retire rich, don’t leave too much to your children

    Don’t be surprised if those retiring in 2035 need an extra 5 years or more of future income because of longevity alone. Where will that money come from in a low-yield environment?

    Money tasks after death in family: What happens to life, health, motor insurance policies after death of policyholder

    Life, health and vehicle insurance each come with their own set of rules for how the insurance cover will be dealt with after the death of a policyholder. Find out who gets the benefits and if the policy expires in each case.

    Money tasks after death in family: How to close accounts, transfer investments, make claims and more

    Sort the paperwork and complete financial tasks without leaving any loose ends after the death of a family member. ET Wealth tells you about the documents needed to close accounts, transfer investments and make claims and the processes to complete these tasks.

    Money tasks after death in family: How to get these three crucial financial documents

    There is a difference between a legal heir certificate and succession certificate though both are often mistaken to serve the same purpose. Secure the death certificate, or legal heir and succession certificates for a smooth transition in claiming and transferring assets.

    Money tasks after death in family: How legal heirs can claim movable assets

    Money tasks after death in family: How legal heirs can claim movable assets

    Moveable property includes bank deposits, stocks and securities, mutual funds, post office schemes, provident fund, gold, insurance maturity benefit

    If you want to learn how to manage money, begin with your bank account: Here's why

    Your bank account is your core financial record. Take the time to understand and operate your account. Do not be the person who hands over the debit card PIN and Internet passwords to others, or be the gullible signatory of blank cheques.

    5 reasons why parents' investment advice may not work for you

    While there’s no undermining the trust factor when it comes to one's parents, they may not always be the most efficient or accurate source of investing guidance and advice. This is because

    How to save, spend during coronavirus pandemic

    You should try to save by cutting your discretionary expenses, so that you don’t have to go into debt for your survival. With digitisation opening up a lot of new opportunities, you must look out for some ways to supplement your income.

    10 financial learnings from Ravana’s life

    If you invest in a particular stock or buy property, but it starts going downhill, do not hesitate to sell and make good your loss. As you celebrate Dussehra, follow these financial rules that stem from various aspects of Ravana’s life, says ET Wealth.

    How to not let pay cut tamper with your financial plans and goals

    How to not let pay cut tamper with your financial plans and goals

    In times of an economic slowdown and amidst a damaged economy, one must focus on saving as much as he/she can and if possible, looking for ways to augment income. But what do you do if you

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