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| 21 October, 2020, 06:47 AM IST | E-Paper
    Malabar: The Quad’s Debutante Ball

    With Australia joining, for the first time, the Malabar naval exercises organised by India in the Indian Ocean, the Quad has announced itself as a real security grouping. It is a demonstration of the seriousness...


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    POKE ME: Rallying to protect our rivers is great. But let’s get the science right

    POKE ME: Rallying to protect our rivers is great. But let’s get the science right

    Drying trends have been reported in Krishna and Kaveri and the pollution problem in the Ganga is well recognised. The future of our rivers appears bleak.

    • Isn't it high time that we are talking only and lesser actions can be seen to protect our rivers.Apart from household and human wastes being dumped into rivers why don't we realize the more percentage of pollution is created through chemical wastes piled into by manufacturing industries?Let's foresee a water war if nothing is done!

      Suren Dhakal
    • im

    • Economic Rationale

      Economic Times, October 20, 2020

      -JOSEPH STIGLITZ The US, like most countries in Europe, has been struggling to adapt to deindustrialisation, globalisation and the other major shifts in its economy and society. This is another area where markets need the...

    • Policy Dynamics

      Economic Times, October 19, 2020

      by Montek Singh Ahluwalia Economic performance under the NDA improved initially but the improvement was short-lived. A new national accounts series was introduced in 2015. According to this series, growth peaked at 8% in 2015-16,...

    • The primary sector

      Economic Times, October 16, 2020

      SURENDRA KULSHRESHTHA Application of economic principles to agricultural pursuits is not new. In fact, before the study of farm management was very old, it began to employ principles, theory and information from economics. Some of...

    • Designing Taxation

      Economic Times, October 15, 2020

      By JAMES MIRRLEES ET AL This is not a book about how much public spending or how much redistribution there should be. Nor are we addressing the question of what is the right total level...

    • Life Can be Awesome

      Life Can be Awesome

      -V N MITTAL Awe is an emotion that makes us feel we are a part of something greater than ourselves. Awe is triggered by wonder. Virginia Stu...

    • Time to get transformed

      Time to get transformed

      By Soma Chakravertty Time is precious but the flow of time cannot be stopped or regained. Harvey Mackey said, ‘Time is free, but priceless. ...

    • Mystery Of The Mind

      Mystery Of The Mind

      By NARAYANI GANESH All living beings don’t have brains. Some species, like human beings and a few other animals, do have brains and minds. W...

    • Discover the inner shakti

      Discover the inner shakti

      DHANPAL SOLANKI JAIN The nine days of Navaratri that exalt Devi Shakti, reveal the importance of the inward journey essential for outward ex...

    • Health, Energy And Freedom

      Health, Energy And Freedom

      By J KRISHNAMURTI Freedom, health and the quality of energy come when one captures or sees, perceives the truth of all time contained in the...

    • Do nothing, be silent

      Do nothing, be silent

      By Dada JP Vaswani  We sit in silence: with our lips we pray to God, but our minds, alas, stray; things and thoughts, to which we pay the le...

    • The Ultimate Spiritual Act

      The Ultimate Spiritual Act

      By NAJIB SHAH Shakespeare has Julius Caesar contemplate that ‘Of all the wonders that I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange that men...

    • Planning and Spontaneity

      Planning and Spontaneity

      OSHO If you want to live as a whole, you cannot plan. You can live only here and now. If you decide, division has entered, then you will hav...

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